fight your fears

Push your Fears

“Falls Evidence Appearing Real” Many of us know what we are really worth off but still stay in situation not moving ahead, fearing the failure, parents, family, friends, society and so on reasons ! oh i am sorry i must say EXCUSES !! Fear is experienced by every individual only after your mind matures. To



A fresh air in your busy life : Scotland

There are two seasons in Scotland: June and Winter. – Billy Connolly   If anybody asks you about the link between Macbeth, Robert the Bruce, William Wordsworth, and Harry Potter, you will definitely think for a moment and you will be surprised at how can those four names from four centuries connect to each other.



How I got back my eyesight!

I shall be glad to share with you all a Miracle that happened with me in the year 2008, when I was reading The Secret book for the first time. I realized about Law of Attraction which says, “Anything which you think about and thank about, you bring about into your life!” I believed there

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স্বপ্নে রাঙানো সুরগুলি

স্বপ্নে রাঙানো সুরগুলি

জাগরণে স্বপ্নে সুর জেগে ওঠে প্রাণে নিয়ে ভেসে যায় আমায় ছন্দের ভুবনে|                                                  বাঁশরী সেতারের মৃদু ঝংকার রুপকথা বলে যায় পিয়ানো গিটার| যা কিছু অসুন্দর, যা কিছু ব্যাথা ও বেদনা হয়ে যায়

Short Stories


May Hatpakha sooth everybody’s senses !

     I am a small scale seller. My name is Budhu and I belong to a small village in Nadia district of West Bengal called Rokomari.For generations my family are in the profession of making small hand fans which we call Hatpakha in Bengali.My father used to tell that the Nawab of Bengal was



How Thesis Writing Services Have Made Impact Over The Internet?

Frequently it turns into an embarrassing situation, when you don’t get thought to complete your college thesis writing. Indeed it gets to be hard for somebody to take after rules and different guidelines to write a decent thesis. You may feel terrible when collogues in your class would be commending their achievement, abandoning you out



No Internet – A Day Without Social Media

If There is no internet Connection. No Facebook, no Twitter and no Whatsapp. How would you spend a day in your life without social media? What you will do whole day ? How you spend time ? Share with us … What you think ? Share your thoughts in comment section.



Justice Can Get Better

Yakub Memon is getting hanged- the question that still remains whether he deserves the rope around his neck.   As a matter of fact we have to accept the court delivered justice, but if he really is guilty enough to get hanged will remain a question even after his death.   There are many reasons



Branoo – The Next Flipkart of Bangladesh

Branoo – The Next Flipkart of Bangladesh Don’t be surprised, I am not saying Branoo is as big as FlipKart but my research is saying that they have all possibilities to be the Flipkart of Bangladesh. Definitely they need to run a long race.The concept of e-commerce is moving at a adequately rapid tread in



Monthly Horoscope: August 2014

~ Horoscope ~ Aries Superhuman energy is yours on August 3. Pace yourself, have a goal, and don’t flame out. The August 10 Full Moon brings you into the public spotlight, and your actions will reflect straight back into your home situation. Be your most sincere, honest, and appealing. It’s no time for bluster or

Flight Coupon Code – Big travel discounts

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