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We are living a life in the fast lane and indulged ourselves in the contagious luxury of business, anxieties, uncertainties and responsibilities. This supersonic speed of life has almost rendered ourselves to act like more robot , an emotionless metal junk. Hatpakha is just trying to make a small effort on their part to fill this void in life ( by humbly presenting online magazine “HATPAKHA” ).


I went through your magazine… I liked the the concept of bringing out the hidden writers among us. Writers must be bold enough to reflect voice of the people. This magazine is a blend of opinion of the new generation , where this generation understands the past mistakes , squeezes in time with their busy schedule of work , family and friends but still does a tough competition for their career and at the same time enjoys life neglecting the happenings around along with upholding their traditional values.
And the good thing i observed in this magazine is that more people from technical background have shown interest in literature… else literature , editing, writing, publishing were all considered mainly for people of that art/literature background, so i expect a change in the radiation way/ thoughts of opinions…


Amazing,outstanding and uncomparable site,what you need only to enrich its treasure… of luck my friends.


Sandip Prodhan
It is nice to upgrade and enlarge knowledge. It creates moments as new as it is. Thank you so much hatpakha.


Shweta Banerjee
Superb beyond word. Nothing to say. I really appreciate what you have done. As unique the name is so amazing is your work. I will like to be its regular reader . God Bless.

Shriyansh on make-your-passion-into-profession-live-life-king-size

And i always believed in me that theyvr wrong when people used to say there are no more real people who help others without selfishness. Yu set the example brother…and that too very beautifully. Keep it up. 🙂

Preeti Gupta on creative-exciting-ways-to-develop-new-beliefs

Awesome…it taught a lot with just one article m very thankful to u sir for guiding us with such a wonderfull article