Our beliefs determines our life. Each & Everything that is happening in our life is the result of our inner beliefs. Every single event in our environment, every encounter, every relationships, every transactions, health and everything else outside is a reflection of our inner beliefs. Hence, when we want to change our outside results without changing our beliefs, it’s a LOT of hard work.
If you believe you are not good enough, you are not provided enough, you are not rich enough, you can’t succeed or anything else, guess what you will receive, more or less of the same!
If you believe you are a blessed one, you are always provided for, you have good health, you always have more than enough… guess what “Tathastu”(Your wish is my command) is the way of the Universe!

As pure energy, as Souls(Aatman), we all are self-sufficient, we all are the Gods & Goddesses(to say in words of Swami Vivekananda, Gautam Buddha and many other spiritual gurus) who are co-creating the world, and the creation and evolution is always happening, no matter what you think about it, BUT, it does matter to YOUR life, because your beliefs create your reality.
Hence, here I shall present to you self-tested as well as time-proven techniques which can help you to change your beliefs, irrespective of orders, all methods are significant, and can be used solo as well as together. Trust your intuition to select what suits the best for you.

  1. Visualization : The art of visualizing whatever you want as if you have already achieved it. In this, you see yourself in your mind’s eye as if you have already achieved the end result and how joyous you are feeling once you have accomplished it. Try to make it as vivid as possible, but without stressing yourself. Being in relaxed state is very important.

    Example : Close your eyes. Take three deep breaths as you inhale freshness and exhale stress. Mentally take yourself to the situation which you want to achieve, the end result, the final destination. And feel and see the joy and enthusiasm you are having as you are RIGHT NOW living it. See what you are seeing, feel the smell, the energy, the words you are talking to others, whom you are calling and sharing the good news and everything else. Now take another deep breath and open your eyes. DO IT RIGHT NOW, before reading ahead!

    If you feel really happy having done that, and for a moment you feel that you have already accomplished your desire, then you have learned to visualize. It’s that simple.

    Do it everyday till you are able to see(from mind’s eye) and feel it happening even without closing your eyes.

  2. AffirmationsA simple art of sharing statements of new beliefs to yourself as if you have already accomplished it. Beliefs are simply, a thought repeated ‘n’ number of times. Hence, once you put new thoughts repeatedly to yourself, it develops into a new belief. Must practice affirmations particularly at these two occasions, 15 mins before sleeping & 15 mins after waking up, other than that as many times as you can.

    Example : I am a leader. I am a champion. I can do it.
    I am a millionaire. I am born to win. I am Powerful. I am Resourceful. I think, I can.

  3. AfformationsAfformations have been found to be more effective than affirmations. Since our minds works more faster when we give it a question, rather than when we give it a statement. Hence afformations are those statements which are given to our mind in questionnaire forms, hence, what we simply do is to replace, the affirmations with a “Why” in the beginning. For example, I will write the corresponding afformations to above affirmations’ example.

    Example : Why am I a leader? Why am I a champion. Why I can do it?
    Why am I a millionaire? Why am i born to win always? Why am I so powerful? Why am I so resourceful? Why I think, I can?

    Now, as you give these questionnaires to your mind, the mind starts looking for an answer, and the answer is your NEW reality! Hence, you are able to change your beliefs and results as well. Try and find out the results for yourself. Practice it just as I mentioned for Affirmations.

  4. Daily “Creative” JournalingThis is something unique which I has developed for myself and it worked awesomely for me, I am sure you will find it equally interesting too. Everyday, as you go back to sleep, take out your diary and write a couple of lines or paragraph on how you want your life to be, as if it has already happened today. Remember, you are not necessarily writing what actually happened. Rather, you are writing ‘what you wanted to happen-your idea of your perfect day’ a if it has already happened today. So that, you fool your mind into a new reality!

    Its very interesting, let me show you how!

    Example : What actually happened today is you woke up late & missed your delicious breakfast, you have been mistreated by your colleagues, you lost 5 million dollars, you had a bad lunch which caused food poisoning, your boss gave you last warning, your wife asked for divorce, in short, you had a horrible day

    What you wrote in your Daily “Creative” Journal is I am so happy and grateful to the Universe that today was one of the most awesome-st day of my life. Oh! I love my life to the fullest. I woke up early and had the most delicious breakfast ever prepared by my gorgeous and ever sexy 😉 wife, my children came running in my lap, kissing me Good Bye & wishing me Good Day! On the way to office, my colleague called me and picked me up on his Benz to office. I earned 10 millions dollars on an unexpected deal today… woooohoooo….. and if that was not enough, my boss took me to a Lunch at Sheraton, the best five star in town… i cant believe, food can be so delicious as well and when I returned back home, my wife was waiting at the door, smiling at me, and saying, Honey! i missed you so much… even after 20 yrs of marriage, everyday I see you I fall in love more with you.. get ready for some action tonight, can’t hold myself! Wowwwwwwwwwww!!!! It can’t get better!

    I know, it’s pretty difficult to write & feel such things on such a bad day, but just tell me, how did you feel when you read it. Awesome, isn’t it! If just reading and thinking of it, makes you feel so awesome, then by law of attraction, this will automatically become your new reality. How awesome will that be!
    Remember, Consistency is the key to success. Hence, you need to do it Daily!

  5. Sleep LearningThis is another way, which has given me astounding results. It’s very exciting. Let me tell you first things first, your subconscious is 100% active when you sleep. Hence, every message can be directly transferred to your subconscious while you are sleeping, and you can develop a new belief very fast. BUT, who will give the message to your subconscious while you are sleeping, after all, you are yourself sleeping!
    There is a simple solution, Record your own voice, with your own name and message to yourself as if someone else is speaking to you. The best part is that, since this message contains your own voice & your name too.. the mind will recognize and accept it very fast. All you need to do is keep this message ON in your headphones and sleep with message ON!

  6.  RealizationRealization is one of the deepest and most profound way to change your belief and it can happen in a moment, and sometimes it can take years and even life-times to have realizations, it all depends on your readiness, as well as the plan of the universe. What you need to do for realization is to ASK for it, and then SURRENDER yourself completely in the hands of the grand genie, the Universe and let it work it out according to itself. LET GO. The creator knows the best way for your life to get transformed!Changing your beliefs are going to play most important role in your quest to RELOAD your LIFE back into you and you cn’t afford to NOT to pay attention on this aspect. My dear friend, if you are too lazy about this aspect, then you can keep on trying HARD to turn your life around with your HARD WORK with minimal results.. Since, YOUR BELIEFS CREATES YOUR REALITY, you can’t afford to Live with wrong ones!Think & Act on It!

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Sandeep Kedia
Sandeep is a successful Multipreneur, a coach & a counsellor. His passion is to help people discover his true potential, live there own spectacular life & become successful entrepreneurs(even multipreneurs)! He is currently involved in designing his dream project - "Life Reloaded", which intends to bring true his vision of - "One World, One Family & Abundance for everyone on the planet!" through various educational, training, business, media & social services, etc. He is also Vice President of a National Human Rights NGO & working in various other incredible projects which will change the entire face of educational systems of country & entrepreneurial ways of the world & make India a developed Nation by 2020 as well whole world as ONE Abundant Family soon.
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