It was evening time, I was sitting with my brother staring at the sun going home,the clouds wandering around, the birds looking for jobs.

‘I really want to get the best goal keeper trophy.’whispered my brother in a depressed tone.For, one year he is working hard, practicing day and night to become the best goal keeper.

I wanted to satisfy him by saying that, he is already a good goal keeper and he will get the trophy.

He took a deep breath and then told me that the team is going against very strong, scary players who look like monsters; He got up with force and went to his room.

The very nest day was his final.Before, the match he came to me and I told him whenever he is scared just think of a person whom he loves the most and will get the trophy for that particular person.

It was penalty time, the last moment, the layer kicked the ball so hard as if he is kicking one scooter’s peddle, the ball went furiously to my brother and he stopped it.

‘I won,I won..’my brother came jumping with excitement towards me and hugged me tide.And told me before penalty he was looking at me to gain strength and focus ,and shouted that I am the world’s best sister..

At that moment my dream came true ,to be the world’s best sister……..


~ A Dream Is Always Not Success ~
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