It is indeed true that, knowledge is an indispensable strength in between learning and implementation. Furthermore the backbone of this great nation “India” is truly alive through different cultural generosities, which are reflected to refine the elevating shape of our society. Book Fair is one of them, where people of different cultures do take part in that beside various books and minds. On the other hand it is the ideal vicinity to discover our tastes, preferences and the standing of perception, which are going to reform our national legacy very shortly.

In this emotional richness 42nd Kolkata International Book Fair has been initiated at Central Park Mela Ground, Salt Lake, Kolkata. This is one of the most inspiring initiatives of our fascinating “City of Joy”, Kolkata. This spectacular event has already enhanced the sublime nicety of this city and all the common people. This magnificent event has been inaugurated by our honourable Chief Minister Respected Smt. Mamata Bannerjee, who is the iconic leader and the reverent personality and on the other hand France’s Minister of Culture and Communication Respected Francoise Nyssen. Both of them have wished this prestigious fair to be really appreciable in both national and international arena.

This histrionic event is being organized by Publishers and Booksellers Guild. They have invited our honourable Chief Minister Smt. Mamata Bandyapadhyay and France’s Minister, Culture and Communication Respected Francoise Nyssen in a befitting manner. This most prestigious festival shall definitely be exulted through their kind presence and the overjoyed contemplations in deed, which have snatched the mute attention right from our ignited Book Lovers to each common people.

They have expounded about the worldly impression of this phenomenal fair from their spirited cultural magnificence.

This prestigious event has fabricated its numerous programmes in enriching our great cultural core and that shall build an inhabitable cultural fusion very shortly with a ton of blazing knowledge within a very short while.

The focal theme of 2018 is France and it shall be the 3rd appearance of France as partner country. It is absolutely awe-inspiring not only for Indians but for the entire globe from the perspective of an overseas participation in deed.

On the other hand another most compelling attraction is our legendary Bengali Actor Respected Soumitra Chatterjee shall have both “The Heighest Order of Merit, the legion of honour and CESC Srishti Samman from this wonderful gala festival in 2018. Entire celluloid is undoubtedly proud for these superlative feathers in his hat. Because this exceptional personality is already the iconic definition of Bengali Cinema already.

In this real tuneful sound very rare “Ashoke Sarkar Memorial Lecture” has been delivered on 31st January, 2018 by “French trio of scholars on “The Great History of Indian Literature” in France and the day is treated as “France Day”. So amazing in deed. The treatment of true cultural vibrancy is simply priceless in this occasion.

Various enthralling cultures shall be matching their magnanimities with each and other and they shall construct their remarkable bonding to alive in this regimented universe. Because author from Scotland, Australia, France and on the other hand Spain, Russia, Columbia shall be participating their momentous educational richness out here in a different dimension. In other words they shall be expounding their introspective philosophies in front of the entire globe without any second thoughts.

The marvellous schedule says that, Bangladesh Day celebration shall take place on 3rd of February, which is followed by eye-catching Children’s Day on February 4. Both the occasions are absolutely magnetic in terms victorious festivity.

This fascinating festival shall comprise 580 stalls and 200 little magazines, which shall attract the utmost festive nicety at all.

The nobility and the needful hospitality of this Book Fair is an alluring nicety. Right from Wi-Fi Zones, Shuttle Services to Medicine and Ambulance shall always at the back and call for the common mass.

My envisage says that, this is one of the thought provoking festivals in India and it reforms our behavioural zeal to read Books and to acquire knowledge. Because knowledge is a power and it is undoubtedly the profound identifier in deed. Book is a prime medium to restyle the societal synthesis and it takes us through a unforgettable journey of versatile procurements.

This mighty occasion is having the rarest consequences in deed, which are as follows:

  • Desire of Learning: It is such an attractive festival, which shall inspire people to ensure the habit of learning. It shall be automatically conducive to acquire knowledge as well. It is really desirable to sustain in this global nicety.
  • Multicultural Bonding: This exiting Book Fair has invited uncountable people from every individual class. So each culture has different way of approach and thinking. But it is one of the supreme opportunities to discover the standing of different culture and their alluring visions respectively. This is how the best cultural synthesis shall be established in India with a bunch of social accomplishments.
  • Constructive Aim: This wonderful event navigates students to initiate an aim for the future endeavors. Because plenty of eminent people do participate in that and they do expound their remarkable view in front of the mass, which are really exceptional just not to listen carefully but to implement the same in our practicability as well.
  • Numerous Participation: This Kolkata International Book Fair provides an astounding opportunity to each one us for exploring our deserved qualities. It is really ideal to compete with ourselves and the utmost cultural brilliance as well. This opportunity shall give an outstanding association to connect with, where eligible people can have the peerless occupational magnification.
  • Global Network: It is the very vital point. Because network is highly needful not only for the robust association but it is very important to work in both national and international stature as per our respective disciplines.
  • Psychological Richness: It is absolutely evident that, people of elite class and the paramount cultural glamour may change our simple thoughts to some very productive imaginations within a short while. That is undoubtedly conducive to think something in a largest perception and the mental will is prepared accordingly, which enriches our achievements. Book Fair is the most significant place to accomplish this key frame of mind.

Therefore this exemplary Kolkata International Book Fair is going to refine the best cultural primness over the coming years. It shall be entirely doubtless to draw this conclusion that, impressive occasion like Book Fair shall remake the wide-ranging cultural distinction along with the notable educational prominence shortly.



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