He closed his eyes, saw the dark beautiful eyes in front of him. The eyes blinked,tried to say something.

Nothing came out. Suddenly he was hovering, looking down on himself and he opened his eyes, realized it was a dream. But in real, he wished everything should be alive like his dream.
He was fond of her. He liked her very much. Whenever he was in dream, everything looked colourful and full of sound. “You are mine, you are mine!” Was all he said before her in his dream but that did not happen in his real life for that moment.
Back to real life, he was just passed out student from engineering college. The greatest moments of his life was watching his dream girl on television network and digital platform. She was the famous celebrity. She was an unwed young beautiful actress. Every young was her follower on social media. No doubt, so many people was interested in her. She was Rutika- one most promising, rising star in television industry. She won various beauty queen titles.
His family members and friends tried to make him understand,”Arab, you are not one having passion after her, lots of her fans like you wish to meet her but it is really impossible to meet her personally.”
Arab was not only her die hard admirer but he was going to have a determination – he would be her real life partner.
 Though he was fully aware that she never chatted with him on instagram, facebook and not in any other media. Even she did not know him. Everytime he wanted to ask her question on her fan page but she never replied.
In spite of all adversaries he wanted to make her own dream girl. Incredibly, he heard voice of himself, “May be I will bring her one day in my life.”
His family and friends knew that no insinuation would work over his thinking.
His parents tried to make him understand, “You know, your grandfather and most of us are engineers. Now it is your turn. You need to concentrate on your further study or job.”
He gave half smile as he imagined a hush falling, lips stopped to reply.
“Do not play stupid with you.” They said.
“I do not know what you are talking about?” He was about to say more but stopped.
Hard to believe for his family but he joined an acting workshop. For the rest of the day he started to work as a software engineer. His family members and friends wondered, they were in a question as not acting but writing was his passion.
Though he had a good physique and look his interest in acting was inappropriate near them.
Probably he was about to think that through this acting phenomenon he might contact Rutika.
Whatever the situation would be, he never left writing. Sitting down with some iconic thoughts and narrating them with beautiful words was his budding quality. He achieved some admirations from abroad too. Certainly not to the same degree that the first class writers had but his writing acquired many likings through many international online magazines. Even his writing earned some reputations on Scottish and New zealand based online journals.
Shirley used to address him as ‘kia ora” on e-mail. She was an young editor of New zealand based online magazine. She was also a famous youtuber.
Shirley was from Indian origin. Her father was an Indian and later settled in New zealand after getting married with a woman of New zealand.
Shirley was well versed also with Indian language. Both Shirley and Arab became good online friends.
Within a year Arab started giving auditions for various T.V shows and OTT platform but faced rejections. But he waited for something good, something happy moment and he wondered how it came at last.
Being a popular youtuber Shirley recommended his name to a popular channel’s creative director. And
he got his first chance to act on a television serial.
The casting director called him, “You will join our show.”
He was selected for a character role, not for main lead but he favoured the role as it was his first entry in television industry. On some level, he was frightened. But gradually he became the embodiment of many youth’s dream, a strong, tall, well dressed  and well mannered boy with striking looks. Before it was embarrasing for himself to act  as he was doing something new but gradually he understood the art of acting.
After three years, the moment came when he directly met Rutika. He made his entrance in a small screen serial not as main hero but with a second hero character. It was not planned before, suddenly he was called on set and his worthiness of acting helped him in selection for the role. It was a dramatic moment. Some familiar faces on set admiringly welcomed him.
Rutika was very friendly with all his co-stars. But she maintained it on set. After rehearsal and acting period, she used to excuse herself from all and she liked her isolation in separate room.
The show became very popular and it entered into successful second session. There was a rumour that she had a crush with her first serial male lead but he had already a beautiful girlfriend, so he denied her. After that she made her diary her life partner where she used to write her everything. She was a good poet, whenever she posted something on instagram, she used to write some verses along with it.
When she came to know that Arab too is a good writer she became very happy. She expressed her happiness towards him.
Suddenly Shirley invited Arab to attend the “National Flash Fiction” ceremony going to be held in New zealand. It was a great opportunity for Arab as writing was a great passion for him.
All the casting members of the serial including Rutika congratulated him. Specially Rutika looked very happy with this news. “I envy you, If I were in your place, I surely would reach there to attend the literic ceremony,” she said.
Arab was beaming with happiness that she was so close to his heart but he was unable to express his feeling in front of her.
Arab decided to attend the flash fiction conferrence in New zealand. He wished to express his feeling near Rutika after his returning back.
Very recent Arab had written a story on his personal feeling which he felt for Rutika. The story became popular. Shirley liked the story very much. But one news broke his heart. On a very popular Indian entertainment news channel it was declared that Indian famous T.V actrees Rutika was just engaged with a businessman. Arab was unable to control his emotion before Shirley.
“Is this current story after the relationship between you and actress Rutika?” Shirley asked.
Arab moved his head in silence.
Shirley understood his feeling.
“Have you ever expressed your feeling to her?”
“No,” “I never dared.” Arab said.
Shirley collected Rutika’s contact no from her known creative director. She did not miss any time to call Rutika. She did not let Arab know about her intention. Rutika was surprised to get a call from New zealand. Shirley introduced herself telling her own identity.She congratulated Rutika for her engagement news. It became clear to Shirley that Rutika’s parents decided the person to get her daughter engaged with and Rutika gave her consent.
Without any hesitation and wasting any more time,
Shirley revealed the truth in front of Rutika how much did Arab like her.
Rutika was completely surprised and embarrassed after hearing it. She paused for a moment. At the end, she questioned Shirley, “Do you like Arab?”
After remaining quiet for a moment Shirley replied, “Yes, I do but Arab likes you more than I like him.”
Rutika was puzzled. She never thought of Arab. Many fans and many co stars approached her but she denied simply thinking that they were not of pure heart. Moreover she was heart broken when his first co star denied her.
Now her parents decided a man for her life, she was just engaged. After hearing the truth from Shirley, Rutika called the man with whom her engagement was announced. She asked him a very difficult question. “After your engagement if you discover any woman who is in madly love with you
previously wothout your knowledge, will you still prefer to give her a chance?”
After a deep thought he replied, “Yes.”
Rutika felt relaxed and happy after hearing this answer. Next day, it was the headline of the entertainment news, “Famous celebrity Rutika has broken her engagement with her parents’ choice, decided to tie knot with budding actor and writer Arab.”
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