“Mirror is my best friend, because when I cry it never laughs”


Isn’t it regular these days accepting mirror as our best friend? But what if we accept that friend who certainly gets the designation of being best as our mirror?

Don’t we count upon a pillow while crying or don’t we put our headphones on feeling sober or don’t we smoke a cigarette feeling stressed? Yes, I do but not so materialistically. Since I have a shoulder to cry on, a human genre to listen and most importantly a flaming soul to smoke, materialism is too inexpensive and hope isn’t just a dot when having a pal like Shubhro. Wine tastes better with age, so our friendship and with passing days, the aroma of our friendship started to develop an opulent flavor, rich and smooth with solitary. He was my road to the moon and his hug contained a lot of power than thousand meaningful words. In no course of time we both occupied a lot of space in each other’s heart and I almost had a memory loss about my breakup.

We’re glorified enjoying the time with passion as if we were dancing in the middle of the crowd, being considered insane but they were unable to hear the tune of our rhythm. From sharing every glass of liquid sunshine to every affair in our lives, spiritualism just met materialism. Together we started going tuition, grass fields, riversides, cafes, beer parlors and many. Above all he was not just a complete artist in every field, but a boy with great humanity who’s going to turn out a gentleman for the entire nation. But what I used to hate the most in him was his skillful resemblance to the sloths, laziness but when it was regarding football and if he’s in mood, there isn’t any better sight to watch him as a teammate.

It was the first week of February and his birthday was approaching near, a week later. So, I planned to surprise him with a party at the grounds inviting his other mates. Accordingly, it was going to the plans and almost everyone promised to arrive that day and I was eagerly waiting for the day to reveal what I was piling inside me as it was getting tough for me to hold the surprise and few days were left for his birthday. On Sunday I met him on the grounds. Generally, he was a late attendant on the fields but that day he arrived before everyone and was sitting alone looking at the pale blue sky as if he was having a chatter with the clouds. He seemed very upset and it was the first time I observed that in him. Typically, he was always a smiling character, pulling everyone out of their desolation but when this scenario caught my sight, I felt melancholy.

Occupying an inch of grass beside him I asked, “What’s right with you?” He looked at me with a half-confused look and again looked back to the clouds. Apparently, he expected something else, and before he breaks the silence I told “When we change the perception of viewing scenarios, it also changes it’s perception of being approached.” He didn’t seem very comfortable with my words as they can’t change the practical affair every time. So, I again asked, “What happened?”. It was calm ambiance around, a gentle breeze was touching our skins and waving our hairs. In the distant birds were returning back to their shelters and the orange looking sun was almost touching the background. Breaking the silence, he replied “What happens when one sacrifices everything for their love and in the conclusion, they end it alone?”

Hearing this my mind traveled back into deep thoughts looking for statements to console him, before he again said, “It was nearly two years ago when I was in class nine, chasing my passion through the wilds. Training hard for the national levels in sprinting and the event was almost in a month. Childhood dream was going to turn into reality, crossing hurdles one after with dedication and flair excluding the last one. It was she,  my old school love for two years. The night before I was leaving the town for the event, I met her and she wished me Good luck with a hug of love. Her eyes were glowing and I could see my reflection in those as she knew if I get qualified, I won’t be in the school anymore. My heart got tied up somewhere in those tears as my dream seemed diminutive in front of her love. The more I was getting close to the tracks, I felt like some kind of vibe was pulling me back. Maybe it was all about the mind, but on the eventual day while I was tying up joggers her face popped up in front of me and I didn’t know why I gave it up before the finishing line, though having the lead. Inches away from my dream, but I chased love and that’s all I’m rewarded today with loneliness.

She left the school due to her father’s transfer and I haven’t been informed early. She called me while she was at the station and when I reached the wheels were already on the move and all I could do was just to wave my hands in the air as I’m not good at goodbyes” he looked at me, as if he wanted to get over it soon. Already our mates called us many a times, so finishing that I didn’t utter a single word. That day he was in my opposition and every time I love to play against him, but not that day. Throughout the game my mind just pushed me up against a thought rather than the play. I was defending the thought “Is true love all about sacrificing or realizing that if it’s a sacrifice then it’s not love?” instead of him. Either I was hurt or I was angry, but couldn’t express that to him. After the game I went straight to my home silently without even talking to him. Returning back, I just looked back and I saw he was staring at me sitting alone. The reality was too shocking to be true for me as I felt my heart turned into kernel, and sank slowly inside me like those rocks, in the deepest ends of the ocean. After that I didn’t talk to him entirely for three days and after a day it was his birthday. My plans for his day was sucked away like an awful piece of sheet down the drain, mercilessly being tucked by the hefty currents of reality. I was feeling vulnerable not talking to him but I can’t let my thoughts ruin his day. So, I decided to stick to my plans despite my negative thoughts and waited for the day.

The day arrived but not in a gentle tone as it was heavily raining, maybe from the last midnight. I was even more upset on receiving texts about the non-arrival from his mates. Some sort of silent agony was tearing my mind apart and woes had left me stumbling in the dark. But falling apart was never an option for me, as through the hellish weather I set myself apart towards his home. On the way I hardly found any shops or any but still managed to buy a bar of chocolate and a small cake for him. Completely soaked in rain when I reached, I saw him sitting on the balcony as if the candles were snuffed out, never to be lit again. Distracted from the thoughts when he saw me standing outside of his house, his eyes were filled with tears but this time with joy and merry.

He came running out of his house and hugged me under the raining skies. Tightening to his chest and in the language of water he asked, “Where have you been these days? You know I missed you a lot my dear friend.” Holding him tight I replied “Surprise mate and wish you a very happy birthday.” Under the rains, we quenched our hearts and hugging each other he cried silently as to hide those drops of regret while I was struck to the thought “Was that a sacrifice or a realization for lifetime that can’t be turned back?”



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