As much as I remember it was the mid-spring that’s knocking on the calendars, one can smell the aromatic fragrance of the blossoms all around. After all it was the season of colors and everything seems so glowing and animated around making it the perfect tempo for lovers to spread their charisma on each other.  Something similar happened with us too that makes me blush every time when I recall about that. April is all set to begin and we’re enjoying the quality time of our relation and everything seems so perfect around as if like I was the happiest fellow in the planet until the day when the phone call came from her mother out of no-where. But I was not able to receive it since I was a bit high with my mates enjoying some quality time. Getting back to my normal state, I checked there were 18 missed calls already and a voicemail which sounded like “I have tried to reach you a number of times but you’re not picking it up. It’s regarding her and it’s pretty urgent. She had an argument with me regarding her decision on leaving the house and staying on her own. She had consumed 14 sleeping pills and I’ve contacted the doctors already. They must be on their way and will arrive soon. She really needs you now. Please try to reach me soon when you get this.” Hearing this in a great shock I didn’t cared about what my scenario was and what to tell my parents where I’m going and why? There was no time for answering those questions. I just had my clothes on and I went for her. On the way I contacted her mother and she informed me that she’s doing a bit well than before but she’s too unstable at the moment. It was going to be my first official invitation at her house but never expected in such a way. I didn’t even care about the traffic and everything around me seemed blur except my destination and her face.  It took me around two hours to reach her house and for the first time the journey took so long , while the other times  it used to seem very short as if God used to steal time from mine during her presence .But for the very first time I could count on to every second that I’ve passed . I was so reckless and desperate to see her that I couldn’t hold onto my nerves. Her mother opened the gate and without any formal introduction from my side I asked about her. She replied that she’s in her room and was waiting for me. Later when I think about this, I feel very ashamed of myself. I should’ve introduced myself at least, but at that moment I couldn’t think about anything else. Anyways I went to her room and saw her. She was sitting on the couch looked like a poor chap who cried enough to fill the oceans and didn’t had supper for days. I lost   myself completely staring at her and I almost had a blackout for a second. She was looking so innocent and puzzled that I almost had filled my eyes but out of nowhere I pulled myself back. I then went close to her and hugged her tightly. I didn’t even care about what would her mother think if she saw us in this scenario. I just felt her warmth and the scratching on my back as if she was trying to hold me with almighty, she had and if there’s no letting go. Maybe for few seconds I became the first decoder on the Earth who could translate heart-beats into statements. I don’t remember for how long we hugged each other, but very soon we’re separated by the opening of the door. Then came her mom with food for both of us and informed me that she didn’t had her food the whole day. I tried to make an angry face but I believe that was the stupidest angry face one had ever made. After then I fed her up and she was grabbing the food like a glutton. My hands served her as a spoon, probably the best spoon she got in her entire life. Suddenly out of nowhere in the shadows her face was so close to mine that I couldn’t react to it.  The smell of her ort mouth seemed like delight maybe for the first time in history but who cares about that. I was able to feel the gentle touches of her wet slippery lips over mine and in the next moment her tongue was in my mouth and I could feel the hot breathing on my face. Why doesn’t time stop, I’ve asked myself a number of times? Perhaps I should’ve done that if I could. I wish I could’ve looked her face that time, maybe filled with enchant and peace after a long. It lasted for hardly 3 to 4 seconds but to be honest that was one of the best soothing moments I can hardly recall about till date. I was lost, but I cannot let that happen as it was her house, and her mother can be here any moment. In a few minutes we were interrupted by some guests. Her mother came and kind of insisted me to make her understand of the illogical facts that she argues without any reason. I tried my best to make her aware of the situations that she’ll be going to face if this argument goes in her favor but her expressions doesn’t seem very honorable. What else I could’ve done? Supported her so that she can get her off the house. To be honest that was a great opportunity for us to stay in a living but deep inside more than fulfilling our desires, I was worried about her current situation. So, I decided to take her for a date that would distract her mind off from these. So, with a heart full of courage I asked her mother to let us allow for a full day out. I was afraid, yes I was but not of her mother but afraid from rejection, I wanted it badly and to my surprise, she agreed to it and before that I had to explain her about the whole day proceedings and at last, I passed the test. I convinced her for the first time and that went straight into my achievement list and then I took her off the house. Till now I haven’t figured out that, was the whole scenario a setup or a matter of coincidence favored by some kind of heavenly deity. We took the bus down the lane and went directly to the riverside at the end of the town , one of her favorite places .Tiny patches of clouds had already rallied over our heads and the gentle breeze around the shore waved her hairs and all I could resemble to those dragonflies over the horizon. Blinking was never an option for me as I couldn’t set my eyes off her. My eyes struck over a frame where I could see her face under the illuminated dark skies and she was constantly uttering like a old 90’s radio as if like she got the  lifetime pass to say whatever she had piled up inside her for a long time but this time with a bit clear frequency or better to say a live concert with only a single audience. Butterflies were there in my heart as I was thought no other fellow could be part of this concert. Then suddenly few drops of misty rain tapped on my skin and when I looked upwards few drops kissed my face and it felt like warm butter melting on my face. The nature started to rejuvenate and they seemed like dancing under the pitter patter and the chorus being sung by the clouds. She accompanied them with her moves as it glided through the rain. I was not afraid of the thunder but her sight. She asked me to join her but I better preferred to stare at her until she started to melt under the pouring rain and then holding her waist, I started following her steps. She was looking so graceful getting wet and I could see drops are convening on her collar bones. There was merely any gap in between us not even for air to drift through. We both locked our eyes onto each other, and witnessing the whole ambiance and every member of the nature I gently swirled my lips over her glossy wet lips. Then she rolled her eyes slowly and I could feel her soft tender breath. Under the shed of the clouds we shared warmth over the greenish couch. We decided to take rest upon the farmhouse which was nearly half a mile away from our pin location so that we can make ourselves warm. Walking down the riverside road covered with muds, I could get the pleasant smell of the wet soil and the rejuvenated shrubs. Suddenly the rain stopped and we almost reached our destination, but still there were clouds in the skies. It seemed like they’re preparing for another round. After getting in I took her to my wardrobe so that she can pick up anything for her to change. I then went downstairs to freshen up quickly and brought a bottle of red wine from dad’s finest collections. Afterwards I lit up the fireplace and then came through the stairs a girl wearing a white shirt that was up to her knees and her hairs were tied like the bow-tie. In the flickering light of the woods, she was glowing like the fireflies vanishing out the darkness from the entire place. She was shivering in cold, so I took her to the bedroom and gave her a warm blanket. Straight away followed by an ample of flash again started the rain and in terror she had already wrapped me in her arms. She held me tight and asked me not to leave her alone right that moment, maybe forever. She was so scared that I picked up her in my arms and took her off to the bed, then I covered her up in the blanket and laid her head over my lap. I waved my hands through her hairs and she was feeling the gentle temptation and then in a naked, low and melodious voice I started to sing

“ If the road ahead is not so easy
Our love will lead the way for us
Like a guiding star
I’ll be there for you if you should need me
You don’t have to change a thing
I love you just the way you are

So, come with me and share the view
I’ll help you see forever too
Hold me now, touch me now
I don’t want to live without you

Nothing’s gonna change my love for you
You oughta know by now how much I love you

One thing you can be sure of
I’ll never ask for more than your love

Nothing’s gonna change my love for you
You oughta know by now how much I love you”

Nothing’s Gonna Change My Love for You

                                                                  (George Benson)

Finishing the lines, she rode over with intense passion started kissing my lips, I kissed her back grabbing her waist and cupping her face. I can feel my hands are caressing her fast breathing chest and she exposed a long-satisfied sigh. She looked at me with her eyes filled with love and she put a finger on my lips, indicating me no questions to be asked. Instead, there was love and excitement. Then my shirt was off and seeing my bare body she started kissing my neck, I bit my lip with satisfaction when she kissed down my chest. I kissed her neck down to her heart and she was feeling every kiss and every intense touch on her body. She started taking off the leftover clothes on me and then I asked her to bring her ear close to me as if I was going to tell her something. Instead I bit her ear and she shuffled her shape like the pack of cards over the human board. I could barely grab her to the fullest as my hands were slipping down the shape. We both exposed our souls memorizing every feeling with honesty and sincerity. It was intensely raining outside which didn’t bother us, as if the sounds of the rain silenced the nature. Two worlds just collided bringing the cyclone and the hurricane at the same place. I didn’t had consciousness when the raining had stopped during our catnap. While holding my hand she was taking siesta and all my eyes could, was to stare at her endearing face radiating in the dim light. The water droplets falling on the window made us realize of the time, which was running fast. The only thing that can’t be conquered with love, and not with money and through the glass the rays of the setting sun was making a peek-a-boo into the room. The edge of the leaves was shining and garnishing the nature like crystal and in the distant the seven colors made an arch over the sky, making a great canvas for the artists to brush upon the whites. Then I pulled the blanket over her and went down the kitchen to make some cuisine for our empty stomachs. Though being an apprentice in cooking and after a mass hunting through the entire kitchen , I managed some ramen noodles with that red wine and I can keep a bet that if I ever get another chance to decide about food in similar scenario nothing can change my mind about sharing this ideal cuisine on a rainy day with your loved ones under a warm blanket watching the frame through the window. She then crawled up behind me in the bed and teased me continuously, and her hands wrapped around my chest soaking the warmth of my body. “Not again, I need to get back” nuzzled her nose into my back. The setting sun reminded us of the existentialism. The second hand of the clock shouted and warned us of the time, as I looked into the clock it was already five. It was time to leave and a tune of desolate surrounded us. Nobody was in the mood of leaving but we had to. Before leaving I pulled her close and kissed her forehead.

It took almost an hour or so to reach her place, as I was going into her house suddenly her mother arrived and objected my presence around her. I was thunderstruck for a moment. “I can take care of her, so you can leave now,” said her mother looking at my face, which was beyond my expectations. Without uttering a single word, I left the place.

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