In the voyage of life
We find destinations many …voyage

Some are beautiful habitats
Filling our hearts with glee
Their serene innocuousness
Intoxicates our senses
Our spirit revels to their melody
And create a stack of memoirs
We ask, Is this the ultimate destiny?
Alas! There are destinations many

Islands of dark wilderness
Where danger is unswervingly waiting to prowl
We explore further
Hoping some streak of goodness around
But, Black serpents, wild boar and lion’s roar
Our heartbeats orchestrates to crescendo
Are we doomed to die in agony?
Ahoy! Wait! There are destinations many

Landmass with imperfections
But still bequeathed with moments of solace
Yes , it’s the ideal world
With both sun and moon visiting the place
Here we build our castles of joy
And yearn to live till the end
Ah! The human folly
The turbulent waves, swallow our presumed destiny
No more destinations please, I have been to many

But life is a voyage
It has destinations many
Ignoring our desires
There will be calm and squall
keep steering the ship
To move ahead or live with the nip

In nature there is no monotony
In life there are destinations many…

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