Tuesday, January 24, 2023
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Tag: Jyoti Nathany

Why was I in MH370?

It was a stunning morningThe sky glittered in its golden gloryAfter 3 months and days fourteenI would fly back to my wife and kidsWith...


Splendid citadels she tried to buildWorked 24x7 in the brick-kilnForgetting that her arched back acheda deep foundation was drilledLaid brick by brick with utmost...

The Voyage Of Life

In the voyage of life We find destinations many ...Some are beautiful habitats Filling our hearts with glee Their serene innocuousness Intoxicates our senses Our spirit revels to their...

EVE in the world of ADAM

            A pregnant lady visits a Government Hospital and asks, “How much do you charge to determine the sex of the fetus?” The man...


“There is no shape more terrible than this —More tongued with censure of the world's blind greed —More filled with signs and...

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The Wind of Paradise

জীবনের গান

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