Splendid citadels she tried to build

Worked 24×7 in the brick-kiln

Forgetting that her arched back ached

a deep foundation was drilled

Laid brick by brick with utmost care

The sun glared to its brightest

The moon sheltered behind the clouds

But on her face not a frown was there

It fell time and again

Still there was no giving up

More determined she was

But all she got was pain

Every time her fort of dreams

Crumbled in front of her eyes

She was now tired

Addressing the nature’s whims

Her abilities were mocked

And in ruins was the trust

She tried to restart

But all ways were blocked

She wanted to make a loud scream

Alas! she did that in the past

To which Nature ‘ve always been deaf

The fort was always only her dream

She no more had tears

But silence is all she had

Sometimes it’s better to let go of

Things we cling to for years

For some, no effort matter

Coz some know only to clatter

Painful it is to yield

But wise to realize

That on wobbly ground

Citadel cannot be built

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