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WBUT Syllabus Download  – new revised wbut syllabus of WBUT | B.TECH  syllabus of WBUT


New Revised Syllabus 2010-11

Download links:
1.  B. Tech, 1st year Syllabus [Updated: 18.08.2010] – click here

  1.  Apparel Production Management(Revised New Syllabus:Updated on:20.05.13) – click here

3.  Applied Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering(Revised New Syllabus:Updated on:08.07.13) – click here

  1. Automobile Engineering(Syllabus Revised) – click here
  2. Biomedical Engineering Syllabus(Revised New Syllabus:Updated on 24.07.13) – click here
    download instruction WBUT
  3. Biotechnology Syllabus(Revised New Syllabus:Updated on 26.04.13) – click here
  4. Ceramic Technology Syllabus(Revised New Syllabus:Updated on 20.05.13) – click here

8.  Chemical Engineering Syllabus(Revised New Syllabus:3rd Year Syllabus Introduced) – click here

  1. Civil Engineering New Syllabus Updated on 11.12.12 – click here
  2. Computer Science & Engineering Syllabus(Revised New Syllabus:Updated on 22.05.13) – click here
  3. Electrical & Electronics Engineering (Revised new syllabus:3rd Year Syllabus Introduced:Updated on 23.07.13) Syllabus – click here
  4. Electrical Engineering (Revised new syllabus) Syllabus – click here
  5. Electronics & Communication Engineering (Revised new syllabus Syllabus:Updated on 11.04.13) – click here

14.  Food Technology (Revised new syllabus:4th Year Syllabus Introduced) Syllabus – click here

15.  Information Technology Syllabus(Revised New Syllabus:Updated on:22.05.13) – click here

16.  Instrumentation & Control Engineering Syllabus(Revised New Syllabus:4th Year Syllabus Introduced:Updated on 09.07.13) – click here

17.  Leather Technology Syllabus(Revised New Syllabus:3rd Year Syllabus Introduced) – click here

18.  Marine Engineering Syllabus(Revised New Syllabus:Updated on”20.05.13) – click here

19.  Mechanical Engineering New Syllabus:Updated on 22.02.13(4th Year syllabus incorporated) – click here

20.  Production Engineering New Syllabus(3rd Year Syllabus Introduced) – click here

21.  Textile Technology(Revised New Syllabus:Updated on:20.05.13)  – click here

22.  Bachelor of Architecture Syllabus – click here




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