Hey everybody, how many of us have ever tried to find out the truth behind what we are eating!!

Take a look through this, she/he gets up at 7:30am, gets ready in a hurry, as she is already late, wishes good morning to family and at the same pace leaves home for college or office. Isn’t it a very normal routine of ours?

But something’s missing in between..!!

Have we ever realized the gap…

Yes, there is a gap in our everyday general morning routine. The link of Breakfast. Literally, the word is divided into: break- to put an end to; and fast- the fasting process. It means putting an end to the fasting process which our body unintentionally goes into. The emphasis on breakfast has been advocated by all food and diet experts. Ideally a breakfast should be high on carbs, protein and low on vitamins. As vitamins and other minerals can be taken throughout the day as well. For all those who are diet conscious, breakfast helps in maintaing ideal body weight. By eating a balanced and healthy breakfast we can actually fight obesity and health related issues to a great extent.

It is generally suggested by expert dietitian and nutritionist all over the world that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and perhaps the most neglected too. The meal planning for the day should be somewhat like this…

Breakfast like a king,

lunch like a queen, and

dinner like a worker… !!!

There are loads of stuffs to share, just wait for the next article in the series.

Till then enjoy a happy and healthy life…..

~ Food & Us ~

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Kamya Sonthalia
Kamya Sonthalia is a bcom graduate from Kolkata. Her passion for food has driven her to write in order to make easy healthy options available to one and all. Apart from writing she also takes cooking classes occasionally.
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