Anger is a term that defines the emotional state of someone who has been offended, wronged, or denied. And it’s after effects can either be long term or short term, depending on the individual’s control over it. In this emotional state, the individual can either harm self, or someone else, not necessarily the one responsible for aggravating that individual to that state.

Anger is one of the many emotions that should be avoided, along with the other ‘6 deadly sins’, namely – greed, gluttony, lust, envy, sloth, and pride. Wrath is vindictive anger, and so instead of calling wrath as one of the ‘7 deadly sins’, I will instead like to go with the term ‘Anger’, as ‘Wrath’ is based on it.

Here, in this article, I am only going to discuss about this term, and ways to control it, because, I have lost a lot due to this emotional state, and I don’t want anyone else to go through the same condition that I have been through. I have lost many friends, many loved ones, due to anger. Anger ruins relationships, and consumes you from within. It affects the environment and the aura around you. Anger spreads negativity, and people hate those who emit negative waves from them. Thus, anger leads to hatred, and ultimately, loneliness, for you will be left alone if people start hating you.

But worry not! There are several ways one’s negative emotions can be controlled. I have a friend from my college who works with me at the same place, and I tried to observe him closely. I didn’t tell anyone before, but if he reads this article, he’ll come to know what I think of him. I actually used to hate him for some reason, but the reason was just a mild excuse. It was my weakness that I hated him. He’s exceptionally a good human being, whom everyone likes. He has an exceptional quality, ‘to be in the group, to move with the group, to do good for the group’. I, on the other hand, was so frustrated with my past breakups (well, recently I had sort-of-a-breakup, which I considered as a breakup, and the woman considered it as my ‘personal problem’), that I nearly stopped keeping in touch with my friends (well, I considered my college friend as the main guy responsible for my sort-of-a-breakup, which again, was my weakness, and my other friends either shared a flat with this guy, or was in his department, or had the knowledge of my sort-of-a-breakup, which eventually led me to disconnect contacts with all of them ).

So, something happened, due to which I became angry, and shunned all my relationships with my friends. Thus, it’s a practical example of how anger can make you lonely, deprive you of your social life, and ultimately make you an alien, both inside and outside.

Now, if you are very lucky, like I am, you’ll find friends, like this guy who urges me to write articles all the time, and this another guy who hosts articles in his magazine. Their company helps me a lot. A way to control the anger is to keep yourself busy, in that way, you’ll be diverting your mind from the cause of that anger.
And so, I opted to write articles for his magazine. Another way, that I found recently, and is my favourite, is to discuss your favourite topic with someone who has knowledge regarding that topic, and so I chose ‘technology’ as the topic and my previously disconnected friends as the consultant. In one word: ‘Keep yourself busy, to get over the cause that brings you despair, and in turn, anger.’

Now, that’s a long term anger that I had been talking about so long. I had been going through this for about a year. What in case of a short-term violent eruption of a ton of compressed anger? It generally swipes you off your feet, and is usually the starting of long term anger. A sudden shock of anger combined with hatred is inevitable. It generally snatches away the best from you, and leaves you empty, like I had been. You do something unacceptably wrong that you are yourself unaware of, like I did a year ago, and suffer from despair for the rest of your life. But can it be prevented? This sudden bust of anger? Well, for that, we need to have a cool and reserved mind. Very few lucky people are born with it. I see it in my cousin and a certain senior from my department. They are exceptionally cool. How did they achieve it? I know not about my senior, but I did observe my cousin. He has a habit of following routines. An hour for meditation, an hour for his workouts, an hour for his evening walk, 8 hours of sleep, and the remaining for his work. During weekends, he goes out for movies. And, yup, he drinks a lot of water. His food habit includes: oats or cornflakes and tea during breakfast, a balanced diet of rice or rotis, green leafy vegetables and pulses at lunch and dinner, and raw sprouted pulses for the rest of the day. During afternoon break, he amuses himself with fruits, few snacks, and tea. On weekends, he gives meat and egg a try. Sometimes during lunch or dinner, he’ll opt for an egg or a piece of meat, in case he feels like having it. Never saw him over-eating, or getting starved. He likes listening to light-romantic numbers, and reads novels during recess. And he never misses a day out with his friends.

To be continued …

~ Control Your Anger — Before It Controls You ~

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