I shall be glad to share with you all a Miracle that happened with me in the year 2008, when I was reading The Secret book for the first time. I realized about Law of Attraction which says, “Anything which you think about and thank about, you bring about into your life!”
I believed there is certain truth in this statement after all so many people are endorsing it and I too had certain past experience to relate with, hence I wanted to give it a try..

At that time I had power of “-2” in my eyes and I used to wear spectacles, I din’t like to carry those ‘items’ :p  on my nose :p … hence, i decided to get rid of it!
It was September, 2008 ; I was in my 2nd year of graduation then. Hence, when while reading The Secret to Health, I thought why not experiment it with my eyes! I immediately removed my spectacles and said to myself, “Sandeep, you have a perfect eyesight and your vision is absolutely clear and sharp. Hence, you don’t need spectacles!” and stopped using spectacles thereon!

As they say, there used to be Tennis Match in my head regularly saying.. “Oh! you liar!! your vision is not perfect.. you need those glasses!!”
and, everytime this happened, I will look at some huge bold written letters, read them and say… “Wow Sandeep!! you are awesome, you can read without glasses, you rock!!!!” and I will pat my shoulders… I know it sounds funny but I used to keep fooling my mind like this saying that my eyes are perfect!
But, I had difficulty in classes without my glasses. One fine day, when I came back to my hostel room, I noticed glasses on my study table and said to myself, “If I am saying that my eyes are perfect then why do I need glasses!”.. and the next moment the glasses were out-of-the-window!
Within next 3-4 days, my eyesight was restored and its more 5 and half years now, i never had eyesight problem!!
Thanks to Rhonda and other teachers of The Secret and all you lovely people for making this possible and giving me an opportunity to share my experience with you and heartily thanks for reading!
Hope it helps someone,Thank you!


~ How I got back my eyesight ! ~

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Sandeep Kedia
Sandeep is a successful Multipreneur, a coach & a counsellor. His passion is to help people discover his true potential, live there own spectacular life & become successful entrepreneurs(even multipreneurs)! He is currently involved in designing his dream project - "Life Reloaded", which intends to bring true his vision of - "One World, One Family & Abundance for everyone on the planet!" through various educational, training, business, media & social services, etc. He is also Vice President of a National Human Rights NGO & working in various other incredible projects which will change the entire face of educational systems of country & entrepreneurial ways of the world & make India a developed Nation by 2020 as well whole world as ONE Abundant Family soon.
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