“Obey me or die!”

the orange-haired man threatens the world.

“My drones know you’re home,

and my missiles don’t miss.

I’m Commander in Chief, CinC for short.

I’ll sink you into the sea, fry you crisp,

burn you to dust with the push of a button.

I’ll overthrow your governments,

strangle your economies,

jail your refugees.

I’m the trumpet of doom,

I’ll turn your land into a tomb!”

CinC, this may shock you,

but there are higher commanders than you.

To Them we appeal for peace

and deliverance from you:

“Jaya Jaya, Vinayaka

Durga Rakshakari

Rudra Shanti

Hara Kailash

Vidjayante Taram

Protect us from the orange fire

of the orange demon

and all his NATO agents of orange.

Disembody these demons, vanish them,

banish them into the dungeon of perdition

their deeds have built for them.

Om namah Shivaya”

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William T. Hathaway
Hathaway’s novel, Lila, tells of an Indian girl who sparks a revolution for social justice: https://www.amazon.in/Lila-Revolutionary-William-T-Hathaway/dp/1897455844/ref=sr_1_1
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