I know thy face, saw once in dream,

A numerous hands scattered around,

Lift us to thy eyes, you are the supreme;

What we know the power, which is unbound?

I saw only thy eyes, that is and only that true.


We are here to behold the fest

Everybody gathers and makes you profound,

A wait is over, our desires to invest,

You goddess lend joy and make us astound.

We learn from you a rejuvenated life

The progress and prosper all with us around.


Shower your blessings to us, the learners,

Empower us, shine a cool weather only to flower;

Our own manifested lives stand here.

The upliftment, the power mould the character.

We are the learners when saw thy eyes,

Then and there bethink the ultimate –

The truth’s world awaits there, slamming the closed gate.



~ Goddess, the Power to a Learner ~

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