WOMEN are the better half of the society and to honor their presence in every man’s life the world is today celebrating International Women’s Day with. This year’s theme “#Pledge of Parity” is designed to encourage individual and organizations to promote gender equality in daily life and at work place.

This event has a remarkable past. The Socialist Party of America observed a day as National Women’s Day to commemorate the strike of the International Ladies’ Garment Worker’s Union 1908. This National Women’s Day was later proclaimed as International Women’s Day by the second International Conference of Working Women, Copenhagen 1910 where women from 17 countries took part for the change. International Women’s Day became more popularized when the United Nations invited its member states to celebrate it on March 8th. Since 2001 the day has had a sponsored website and an annual theme.

Years have passed and the world wide initiative to ‘make women strong’ has almost reached its success. In the present scenario the women has acquired much strength, they have already shown their talent in various fields all around the world. Now it’s a time for the world to change the way it perceives that strength.

~ International Women’s Day ~

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Maitree Shee
Hatpakha Reporter
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