I used to be a man or a women

Having some habit to question

To ask the reason to think

What to think or what not to..

But let me clarify I am desirous

To know the reality

For my existence and duty

But what does it mean

Is it about me or the duty for what I exist

I am confused and searching

Why I am in this universe

 Is there any need to my existent?

If yes, I myself want to know the reason

These unanswered question compelled me to ask others

But questioning others is unusual for some

Because, it helps somebody to get knowledge

 At least about the question itself or its answer

And it only allow when you belong in a democracy

Ok let me clarify, it is not me who is telling this,

Democracy itself concern this.

Though so called democracy have not seen today

And the entire system collapse by these kind of democracy

 Isn’t it something that a body lives without a self?

But one can ask what the reason behind it is.

The reason is quite simple

So called democracy concern only about those who are holding the law

And the governance

For the agents and the owner of the corporate s

To destroy the nation and its piece

In the name of growth and development

I and those who knew the reality do agree

It is about development

Developments for builder and elites

But every human have desire to become builder and elites

And lead to a better life

But it is an offence to think those who are belonging for rural background

It is also against the so called law and governance

Though people would like to say we are in democracy

Then, I want to ask them in which democracy we belong

What is its nature and its definition?

I want to ask them in which democracy they belong

Those who are committing suicide for food at least once in a day

In which democracy they belong when laws are the cards of builder

I want ask those who feel proud to belong in democracy

In which democracy we belong where students are force to commit suicide

In which democracy we belong where there is no justice for students

In which democracy we belong where we have no right to speak

I don’t feel proud to belonging in democracy

In the name of suicide and unjust

I don’t feel proud in democracy where women are raped everyday

I don’t feel proud belonging in a democracy where universities are in danger

I don’t feel proud where killers of students are not in jail

I don’t feel proud about government where the representatives are the agent of builder

But I feel proud to those people who are working in the field everyday

Not merely for themselves, for those who are belonging in whatever the class they have.

I feel proud to those who are in working class because they don’t distinguish

Anybody in any case.

I feel proud to those who are fighting for working class and their unjust

I feel proud those who are questioning for fair and unjust

But, raising voice for fair and unjust is not appreciated in so called democracy, what we have.

Because these are against sedition law

 And you will be under the charge of sedition and anti-national

If raising voice for fair and unjust is sedition then I would proudly hold this

Not merely to become an anti-national,

But also to hold as a highest degree of my life

And I would proudly announce myself as anti-national

And proudly announce the friends and comrades not merely JNU

But also those who are raising voice every day for unjust in this entire universe

To be proud as an anti-national.

~ Proud to be an Anti-national ~

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Assistant Professor of philosophy at HMM College, Pursuing PhD at JNU, Centre for Philosophy, SSS-1, New Delhi-110067. Poem writing is my hobby.
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