Friday, February 3, 2023
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Philosophy of Me

Thoughts have a continual successionof complacency or anxiety, black thoughts paint me a fire fly that emits light mere in the darkness.I am like the flowing...

Adam and Eve

Adam and Eve started human race,following concept of Marx to progress.Clothes-dresses are not mandatory.Plain life- high thoughts: Satisfactory.One apple was enough for wisdom,shared equal...

My India

India is a unified country, alas I thought so before, Unity in the diversity,the lesson we could explore. But are we united really ! I ask...

Miracles That Happen Everyday

Don't  lose hopeBelieve  in the sayMiracles do happenFor us each day.Please learn to putYour trust in GodBecause He is your  BossAnd your Lord.So ask...

When My Eyes are Closed

when my eyes are closed by me then i reach in the untouchable-heaven which are in my own-hidden - mind there , i find and find own-self ......


Our Earth,full of Tear and Despair,is in need of CareWe are to march ahead,Come,what may,to pour in HappinessOn our Earth's way.~ EARTH'S WAY ~

Break Out

"One is not born, but rather becomes, a woman." - Simone de Beauvoir.Clouds still gloomyGoing down the memory lane -Your despair's glory have never fadeWomenfolk,let's...


i am the meaningless i never settle at any place i wander and wander i sleep under the tree ... under i eat the fruit of the tree which...

My Madness

I run behind of a fox at the evening in the forest , alonethen it enter in it’s shelterI can not see it thenI...

Proud to be an Anti-national

I used to be a man or a womenHaving some habit to questionTo ask the reason to thinkWhat to think or what not to..But...

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