I run behind of a fox at the evening in the forest , alone

then it enter in it’s shelter

I can not see it then

I stop then

stand near of it’s shelter

and I shout then,like it’s tone

yes,it’s tone is my well-known

hook – ka – hooya … hook-ka-hooya … hook-ka-hooya …

after some tones, I stop , then

and  watch the evening star

later , also the north star

and run , alone,again

why , I do not know it , why,why,why?

I watch then

some owls and bats fly and fly

above of my head

then the moon is also on the above sky

it gifts it’s free-light on my open-head

then I say to all,’hi !good evening !’

but they do not say me,’ good evening’

why ? then I think and think

then all stars blink and blink

and I come back in my own shelter

when return,then my mom says,

‘now stand up on one leg ,on the open yard’

then I stand up and enjoy the nice moon- rays

behind of me there stands our night-guard

and inside of my shelter ,

claps and claps , my little brother,then

after 15 minutes,my mom says,

‘come inside, now, and wash own legs and hands’

I enter inside then

and i hold my brother’s both ears by my own both hands

and laugh very loudly

then he shouts too-loudly

then my mom says,’wash, go to washroom,now,go’

at this moment , her mobile rings

and she says,’hello ! ‘

yes, then I do not go to the wash room and again,

I hold my brother’s ears

and come down his tears

and  then I laugh loudly

very proudly

but mom can not say anything , then

she talks then …

~ My Madness ~

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