India is a unified country, alas I thought so before,

Unity in the diversity,the lesson we could explore.

But are we united really ! I ask my mind  always,

And now I may query all of you who’re in the race.

If truly we’re united then why migrants those people are !

Who simply went to work from just one state to the other !

And if they are so, then why isn’t a doctor or a soldier,

Or a scientist ,a professor or even a corporate manager !

They are also migrants, could you call me wrong!

If they work in the state where they may not belong.

So why do the helpless labourers with so poor fate

Have to walk miles together with no water & food to get !

Flapping their empty stomachs they filled the sky slowly,

The city dwellers abused them and my India is so holy.

This is the shame of the land, the insult to the humanity,

Nature of work may be different but every job has the sanity.

When”ll the Government realise that-Am I now to ask !

Although the ministers are talking big hiding behind the mask !

Each of us is selfish and Corona has learnt me the lesson,

That our country isn’t unified, unity is only in our vision.

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