i am the meaningless
i never settle at any place
i wander and wander
i sleep under the tree … under
i eat the fruit of the tree
which are under the tree
i take deep breath , under the tree
oh ! the air is too-free !
some time , i climb up on the tree
and very loudly recite the poem
also sing without any real rule
also i swim at deep night
under the stars light
and on the water , i touch the moon
some time , i hang from the branch of the tree
as like as the black- day -bat
at the mid-hot-noon
also i keep the squirrel , in my hat
at calm-mid -night
also at mid night
on the sky ,
flies my paper-kite
it reaches at too-high
at dusk , in the forest
i sit very near of the nest
and wish to the bird ,
“have a good stay !”
yes … the bird
also says ,
hey !
may the nature blesses to you ! may
then i come down from the branch of the nest
when on the sky , no moon
then , also , on the earth , no rays
yes … at that night
i fight and fight
against the darkness
at the lonely place
when the storm is with too high speed
yes , then , like the goat and kid
I run very fast , on the grassy land
when the rain is too heavy
then I dance under the open clouds
on the wet sand
proud … proud … proud …
like the little baby
when the crane is standing by one leg , on the water
then I also do like it
under the very hot rays of the day star
at very cool winter
on the big rock , of the mountain
I take seat
at dark mid night,
when , no light
without any dress
side of me , comes down , the rhythmic fountain
why ! it is my unknown
yes… i am the ever-meaningless
yes… i have no address
yes… i am out of the materialistic-race
yes… i live in the ever-happiness
yes… i am endless…

~ Meaningless ~

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