The day was so beautiful, when I first met you. It was like a new world, and a new person front of me,

When I saw your eyes omg your eyes made me so nervous. But your smile made me relax. I don’t know why I was so silent? Coz I’m not the person who is so silent at all.

When you started to speak. My heart started to beats faster as normal heart beats. When you proposed me I was just pretending as if I didn’t hear I just wanted to hear again and again, coz like the way you proposed me…

You expressed your love and also impressed me by your love, your love has touched me. My eyes filled with tears and my heart said your the right person I was waiting for a long..

I never ever expected or experience I’ll fall in love with any person but you made me to do.. I don’t know why I love you, I don’t whether our love last forever whatever It maybe you’ll be my better half in my life.

I’m eagerly waiting to see how will it be “My First Love ” with you. I’m going to experience myself and a new world and a new flavor with you..

I’m really happy atlast I got the meaning of my life… The pledge for my love is to love you and not to stop loving you until my breath stop…


~ My First love ~

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