Tennis has historically been called the sport of a ‘lifetime’, ‘a game of royals’ for the people who play it , its just not 78 X 36  dimension of the court but a special feeling of attachment to a sport.

Its a game that begins with love.

Its breakfast between the baselines and midday matches in hot summer sun, that test your ability to beat the heat not just the opponent

Its the feel of a new grip , the smell of a freshly cracked can of balls , the yells of ‘i have got it’  & ‘yours’ in a doubles match

Its the wall that refuses to break and your never ending battle with the ball machine

Its the old racquet you found in your garage , but at times you just don’t want to throw them away they are a part of your memories , your achievements

The permanent tan lines from socks ,  wristbands, headbands . the mosquito bites and gnarly toes , the blisters , the injuries , the pain. that feeling that keeps you going on the court even if you are injured.

Its every match , tournament & major ..every bad call , broken strings & big shot, the nerves of match point. the risk taken to save  a match point.

In the end its not about winning or losing , its about following your passion, your inspiration , your favourite players


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