In the history of Independent India, and probably in the World history, there would have never been such a fan-fare for any PM or Presidential candidate! There is probably no PM/President on whom there are hopes of more than 1.25 billion people (almost 15% of World population). He is everywhere, the name is Mr. Narendra Modi, the new Prime Minister of World’s largest democracy!

But, the question is –

Can he deliver to his promises?
Can he deliver to hope of 1.25 billion people?
Can he make India a super-power by 2020?
Can he transform the economic condition of India?
and many more……

Or, Just like many other political leaders, he will gift us another disappointing tenure…!!

The answer is YES & NO. Yes, you got it right both YES & NO! And, that doesn’t mean I am pessimistic, it just mean that Truth is Truth, no matter what!

I don’t need to tell why YES or why he can fulfill his promises. We have elected him because we know he is capable enough to do all that he is talking about but, I feel it’s my moral responsibility in the service of the nation to share with my fellow Indians about our own responsibility.
Democracy means, For the people, By the people, Of the people!  Right?

Hence, friends, our responsibility was NOT over when we pressed the ballot button, nor it was over on May 16, when Modi sir won the General Elections, 2014!
Our responsibility actually began on THE DAY when we handed him over the responsibility of the nation. The task of bringing India on the World map is not a solo responsibility of Mr. Modi. It is the responsibility of 1.25 crore Indians and each and every one of them.

Here I will like to quote Mother Teresa,

If each of us would only sweep our own doorstep, the whole world would be clean”

There is a daunting responsibility on each one of us friends and we can’t even dare to ignore it this time because the nation needs us, the world needs us, our society needs us, our family needs us, most importantly, we need to be with us, to be our own selves. It’s time for the change. We can’t keep on waiting for some angel or god-men to come from heavens to change our lives. We have to do it ourselves. THINGS WON’T TURN UP IN THIS WORLD, UNTIL YOU TURN THEM UP!

So, take responsibility, take charge, take control and take challenge and do all that you can do in your own capacity – keep your house clean, help one person, buy at least one Indian product every time you shop, feed one beggar, cheer up one friend, support one dreamer. You don’t need to do big things to change this world JUST do enough small things and the world will be a better place to live-in.

Your responsibility begins right now and the first thing you can do if you feel you need to take responsibility then as Salman Khan says in Jai Ho movie, just share this article with three people and ask them to do the same till whole country knows that 1.25 billion people each need to and must take responsibility so that our children can breathe in developed India and ‘India’ once again becomes ‘Jagat Guru’ and not a ‘Golden Bird’, rather a ‘Diamond Star’!

At last, will like to share my important thought with you friends, NARENDRA MODI JI is NOT the only Prime Minister of India, he is Just a representative of 125 Cr Indians, these 125 Cr Indians, each are Prime Ministers of India with him. i hope you understand the meaning behind my words. Thanks!

Jai Hind!

Thank you for taking your valuable time in reading the article and acting upon it. See you in Developed India soon.

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Sandeep Kedia
Sandeep is a successful Multipreneur, a coach & a counsellor. His passion is to help people discover his true potential, live there own spectacular life & become successful entrepreneurs(even multipreneurs)! He is currently involved in designing his dream project - "Life Reloaded", which intends to bring true his vision of - "One World, One Family & Abundance for everyone on the planet!" through various educational, training, business, media & social services, etc. He is also Vice President of a National Human Rights NGO & working in various other incredible projects which will change the entire face of educational systems of country & entrepreneurial ways of the world & make India a developed Nation by 2020 as well whole world as ONE Abundant Family soon.
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