The power of loves drives a ruthless and prevailing landowner in search of divine beauty that transforms him to a more philosophical poet.
Recently I met with the renowned British Bengali filmmaker Ruhul Amin. I am delighted to share the current status of his film Hason Raja. Shooting for the film has wrapped and is in the final production stages. I had the rare opportunity to view a various extract from the film. An enthralling storyline based on the life of Hason Raja portrays a powerful and moving exploration of the poet.Hason Raja


Acclaimed Bollywood music director Bappi Lahiri entices through his exhilarating musical orchestration. Legendary Bollywood Super Star Mithun Chakrabortys powerful portrayal of the poet has majestically reincarnated Hason Raja for the big screen. Prevailing screen presence of Raima Sen and her elegant, compelling beauty illuminates every frames of the film. The filmmaker has accomplished some unforgettable cinematic moments that evoke a deep philosophical sensation. The film is due for release end of this year.


~ Hason Raja ~
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