Yes you can do it, yes you can
Get up try to start, try to do something
Something better for your nation
Make your confident high, face the situation and go forward
Yes you can do it. yes you can

Don’t think too much before you start, just start it
The way of doing something good will come automatically
Just need the leadership and yes you have the all to start it
Yes you can do it, yes you can

Throw the fear, make yourself confident, make your step to go forward
Just need to start, come forward
Yes you can do it, yes you can

Don’t depend on the situation, situation will come and go
Don’t worry, you are not along, everybody is waiting for you to start
Yes you can do it, yes you can

~ Yes You Can Do Leadership ~
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Debasis Karmakar
Born in 1989 in Berhampore, West Bengal, Debasis Karmakar joined defense department (DRDO) after received his B. Tech from B. P. Poddar Institute of Management & Technology. He is a Senior Software Engineer at Robert Bosch (RBEI), Bangalore.
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