Global warming and climate change is one of the most researched and discussed topical issues today. Although that climate change is a natural phenomenon, but many research scientists are widely in agreement that the increase in temperature in the 20th century is anthropologically related and is adversely effecting the environment. The reciprocal effects are the variability of rainfall and cyclonic patterns are being observed globally. The Southeast Asia, the highest populated zone on Earth, is experiencing this climatic change due to the link developed between global warming and the seasonal atmospheric flow during the monsoon seasons

The effect of global warming is evident even in Greenland. On August this year the glacier famous for drowning the Titanic on 1912, Jakobshavn Glacier partly melted and collapsed. Almost 12.4 of the total glacier sank into the Atlantic Ocean. The scientists from all around the world primarily believe it to be a result of global warming.

The contemporary natural disasters taking place in India is also thought to be an outcome of the effects of Global Worming on the yearly oceanic- atmospheric phenomenon named as El- Nino. As for now, the continuous heavy rain taking place in Chennai, is a live outcome of the same reason. El-Nino in 2015 is the strongest on the record, and it has the worst impact on Indian weather. Chennai has not received such amount of rain fall since 1918. Besides the late arrival of winters in the Indian subcontinent due to the moisture laden wind and presence of excess amount of carbon dioxide in atmosphere is blocking the winds from north and north-west to enter the continent. The Telegraph reports, “Tuesday was the hottest December 1 in the last 12 years, with both day and night temperature being much higher than the corresponding readings of the previous year.”

Agro met advisor and weather physicist at Birsa Agriculture University Mr. A . Wadood said, “ The  incredibly high temperature in winter months is directly associated with the global climate change…There have been several erratic weather events throughout India and adjoining places and the fallout is evident here as well…The usual western disturbance that causes snowfall in Jammu & Kashmir region has not taken place as a result of which the northwestern wind is not bringing the cold wave to northeastern India whereas the peninsular part is under the grip of heavy rainfall”.

All the above researches and facts certainly gives a message that warm winters are likely to continue despite short spell of rainfall in the absence of northwestern winds.


~ Global Warming is a Global Warning ~
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