“Life is a journey of experiencing unexpected movements”

that’s what most of us believe in…. absolutely True if you believe!!! If I am not wrong the word “EXPERIENCE” Is PAST… Everyone have faced different experiences in life, it could be the best happy movements OF joy, bliss, happiness, abundance, wealth, health and must have also faced worst sad movements OF betrayal, mistrust, loss of loved ones ,loss of relationship, unhappiness, conflict, frustration, misunderstandings etc……!!!

The happy movements bring peace, joy and comfort to all…. but the worst sad movements will mark a scar and reflect to the entire LIFE!! Do you want your life to be scarred by the event that is caused by someone else where you may or may not be the reason directly!!!! BUT still you worry over the past!!
I am absolutely sure that many of us belong to the second group of being worried about past and unable to move ahead in LIFE!! if you really wish to live the life you want to live, create a better you every day, wanna be yourself, wanna enjoy each second completely and also wish to create a better environment around you, To achieve your dream and to be more successful…. just…..


Accepting what you have in your life, with gratitude can transform everything and it will add extra joy, bliss, health, abundance and wealth in unexpected way……. just look at the things you have, people you’re blessed with….. Always understand the importance of what you have and enjoy rather than worrying over something which is not existing or existed. Surround yourself with like-minded and positive people so you can prevent the negative to play in your life. Enjoy yourself completely in all of your work. If you are feeling alone then I must tell you it is the best time for yourself to analyze your potential. To love yourself more, probably you have not given enough time for yourself in the past!! Be conscious in all your thought and forgive the unseen, by accepting what is!! The bliss will follow in your life . 🙂

Many times our emotions are hurt by many different ways…. harsh talk by parents, betrayal by friends, relatives, lover etc … I understand that you’re hurt..!!! Yes you’re hurt, only because you considered them to be special and important in your life. So WHY do you worry….. Just look at your hand and observe – all fingers are not same…. am i right??!! YES… Indeed…. likewise people who have left you n gone or have hurt you a lot …probably don’t deserve you!! Remember

“everyone can’t own the expensive things”

and your beautiful soul is expensive than anything in the world. The souls that are meant to be with you will never let you go…!! 🙂 Always keep your mind open and give your love to all, what goes around will come around…. (i am sure you are aware that planet earth is round) may be not on your time but on its own perfect time and by doing this you will definitely be alert in all your deed and hence that will add to your success.


Let Go – many of us are not ready to let go things that had happened, we always hold on to the past thinking over it again and again and hence messing up our life in every parameter …… why is it not easy to let go….. Very simple, because we so called “HOMOSepiens” I mean humans are blessed with the special quality called “EMOTION or FEELING” and here we become emotionally fools….feel the feeling where it is worth feeling !!!

Emotions include both positive and negative…. but it’s you are the one to choose either of it.. !! When we hold lots of hatred towards someone, you can’t love anyone else….!!! FORGIVE & FORGET should be the attitude to LET Go…. and hence you will be able to love yourself, others and your work completely and hence increase the productivity in your work and multiple success.


Have faith- faith is all about human relations based on. After every sun raise there is sun set you know that well, likewise faith resides in everyone’s heart for every new beginning and Bliss..!! Each new day is a new beginning, your born to achieve and your WINNER. don’t you think the emotional drama what’s happening with your friends ,lover, parents, relatives and society is too much till date, when you DREAM make sure your dream never remain as a DREAM !!! Dream such that you LIVE IT 🙂 friends here I would like to share a part of my life experience, thou I am not that old to tell you a fairy tale but let me introduce you to reality, I am an independent girl since my very young age of 11years old, I always thank my parents for teaching me the value of life not just to be a HUMAN but to be HUMAN with VALUE. At the very tender age I realized if you want something you need to go and get it yourself, everyone can advice and guide you like my dad told me every time

“i can just take the horse to the pond when it’s thirsty”

this phrase keeps hitting me till date, obviously you can’t force the horse to drink water!!! Hence, parents, friends, relatives, teachers, lover and your well wishers can only guide you but it’s you who got to get what you want for yourself. What your today absolutely doesn’t matter for what you want to be tomorrow. Have FAITH take your first step today even when you can’t see your final destination, be clear and definite about your final destination because “DESTINY unfolds in the choice you make”
Let go…. what your still holding on to… stop not till you reach your destiny… there is an awesome amazing Bliss ready to follow your way and there you will be successful. 🙂

Thank You for sparing your valuable time in reading the article, wish you an amazing time ahead…. 🙂 if you have found this article meaningful and it could help your other friends then kindly LIKE & SHARE & leave your valuable comment for improvement.

Thank You. 🙂

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Suman Pattar
Suman Pattar is an Entrepreneur and writer. she aspire to advance in the direction of her dream to serve mankind with Dedication and Determination to bring Transformation in the Society with love and care because,she believes "Love and Care can Heal anything in the World". always enthusiastic and believes "Enthusiasm is the greatest Multiplier of Success", loves to deal with Life of people to uplift each other to create a Better place to dwell in.
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