Gone are those childhood  days sailing ‘kagaz ki kashti’  in ‘barish ka paani’ puddles, drenching and splashing  the mud madly in the frolic of the heavenly fountain coming out of clouds taking shapes of different idols!

             Gone are those virgin teens when ‘rim jhim gire sawan, sulag jaye mann’ and just holding your firm hands, running away from the inquisitive eyes and taking shelter under a giant pipal, dripping droplets of fiery emotions between our eyes and lips!

            Gone are those days when ‘tere do takiya ki noukri mein mera laakhon ka sawan jaye’, unspokenly understood by agitating gestures and tearful eyes which were happily compensated later by some unusual surprises, replacing the repellent moods.

               Now, it’s just a blank white page filled with unseen memories or maybe accompanied by some virus, causing cough and fever without even feeling a single drop of rain on the palm!  The monsoon comes and goes, but never bring back those lost moments…

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