“Falls Evidence Appearing Real”

Many of us know what we are really worth off but still stay in situation not moving ahead, fearing the failure, parents, family, friends, society and so on reasons ! oh i am sorry i must say EXCUSES !!

Fear is experienced by every individual only after your mind matures. To explain in better way i always have learnt many precious Life Lessons by observing a child. i saw a child running to catch a insect and playing fearlessly with it ! children don’t fear fire, instead they wanna touch the flame and play. Because, their innocence heart wanna just enjoy the colorful insect and the bright burning flame.
Just observe what happens after your grown up! your mind is matured and will ask you Hundred and more question in spit of you knowing the right way and being confident.

Mind is Powerful servant and wonderful master

If you can listen to your heart and say yes! your mind will follow. to see this to reality you got to be truthful to your heart and love unconditionally.
We are taught to fear (think of the things which are not real or existed and being afraid of it). as we grow up, we are cared , loved and we would stay in a place for a long time and when it comes to moving away from home or the community that we were always in or doing something which is never done by you, FEAR occupies. we are afraid to leave the safe harbor. the very thought of moving from know to unknown brings fear.Fears

But friends universe is beyond our imagination it is always welcoming. every plant, animal and every creature is amazingly created by the energy and is been taken care off. you and me are the most wonderful creature with all superior quality.

We are designed to work fearlessly to explore the unknown, to grow ourselves by learning and doing. challenges you face in your every day to day life should strengthen you and should push you not pause you.

Your the masterpiece, what you believe is what you will manifest.

Believe yourself and built your faith & hope stronger then your FEARS will disappear. Push your Fears & create your Beautiful life.

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Suman Pattar
Suman Pattar is an Entrepreneur and writer. she aspire to advance in the direction of her dream to serve mankind with Dedication and Determination to bring Transformation in the Society with love and care because,she believes "Love and Care can Heal anything in the World". always enthusiastic and believes "Enthusiasm is the greatest Multiplier of Success", loves to deal with Life of people to uplift each other to create a Better place to dwell in.
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