“Being Masterpiece” – Is misunderstood by most of the people, is not being extraordinary Thinker or Performer, It’s simply being Yourself.

We are all born with five special senses such as sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch- along with this we are blessed with the power of “Thinking” and that’s the reason we are set to be one of the Supreme Being among all other on planet earth. Ultimately the power of thinking is the result of what you are today.

Just look at your surroundings, people around you, buildings, college, apartments, parks, roads, etc are the places that one enjoys with his / her family and friends. “Your thought leads to action” Whether you think positive or negative, your mind never questions but it only answers so be aware of what you Think.

“Your mind is a beautiful servant but a terrible master” Be a master of your mind- think positive, what you think is what you create.

Imagine a situation where millions don’t have single meal per day, who don’t have roof upon their houses for shelter, one who is bearing the extreme hot and cold but still happy with the cloths they have, one who is longing for education, who is suffering with multiple disease, who is orphan or have broken relations. Think of yourself who is blessed with awesome parents, food, shelter, teachers, education, relatives, friends, love, care, etc and still we can’t help complaining!!

It’s time to STOP blaming over what is not there and START thanking about all you are blessed with. That’s where the Attitude of Gratitude- Be grateful!!

Appreciate yourself for what you are, convert the negative to positive, make the best out of what you have, after all what you think is what you manifest. Every Extraordinary being were ordinary at time, but they did the their ‘ordinary’ work in an efficient and special way and hence they were known to be extraordinary!! They were called “The Masterpiece”.

You’re the masterpiece of your Life -Appreciate the best qualities that you see in others and yourself, there you will create the best which creates better society and there you’re “The  Masterpiece”.


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Suman Pattar
Suman Pattar is an Entrepreneur and writer. she aspire to advance in the direction of her dream to serve mankind with Dedication and Determination to bring Transformation in the Society with love and care because,she believes "Love and Care can Heal anything in the World". always enthusiastic and believes "Enthusiasm is the greatest Multiplier of Success", loves to deal with Life of people to uplift each other to create a Better place to dwell in.
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