Patriotism lies more in helping to build the nation and less in celebrating Indian cricket team’s win. It is more about having the basic courtesy not to litter our roads with cigarette butts and chocolate wrappers. Building the nation need not always be about our economical growth, country’s progress, military, clean politics; no, it is some thing more, it is every individual’s responsibility to start building the nation by taking baby steps. It can start right from not littering stuff around in public places! Our motherland deserves better respect than changing DPs and profile pictures; she deserves a massive respect in the form of not polluting her. The only thing that comes to our minds when we think of our nation’s progress is what government is doing- but what are we doing?

That is the main question –


We, most of the times end up criticizing; but a true patriot always finds his way to contribute to his motherlands prosperous growth. Look friends, we can feel more proud about our mother India when we can see her streets a little cleaner, than just by getting the Goosebumps listening to Maa tujhe salam.
Let me make it clear, celebrating India’s victory in sports or listening to patriotic songs is patriotism, I do it too and I feel patriotic doing it.

But that doesn’t suffice…  A lot more is to be done when we claim ourselves that we are patriotic.

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Bharath Reddy
Writer, SpiritualMentor ,Future Doctor. Studying @ medicalschool. Believes in unleashing the dormant divinity in mankind through scienceofthought ; LOA
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