Kolkata is brimming with new talents and it is proved time and again. The place is experiencing rapid changes in architectural structure, industrial background and also in its frontier of art.

I was fortunate enough to come across few people who are artists but people have not yet recognized them in the main stream of their profession. Though they are new to this profession yet they have great contribution towards this change. Art is such a kind of expression which earns them both fame and money.


Mr. Tanay Sinha, who has a capability to reach the pinnacle of success in the upcoming days, has a special feature of talking through his paint brush. In one of his exhibition at the South City Mall he left his mark of excellence. Among others the most remarkable ones were ‘Sunk of the night’ and ‘The Machine’. “Songs of sorrow are the most touching ones, similarly portraying Death receives the greatest approbation because it is the only truth and we all have to face it, so both these pictures are my favorite” , the artist shared.

Art can some time become the means for expressing ‘need’. Birju Nath, a beggar at the Kolkata Maidan has a unique style for asking help. He employs his talent of drawing with chalk dust for earning money. It is his part-time occupation because he uses the major time of the day for his undergraduate studies.



The nineteenth century saying “art for art’s sake” has now changed into ‘art for the sake of money’.


~ Painting … the art of expressionism ~
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Maitree Shee
Hatpakha Reporter
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