In beautiful journey of LIFE, everyone tends to slip down, in certain phase of life and so the word called “Perfection” or “Perfectionist” is never seen in humans! if we could witness the perfection we might not have got a chance to see or experience “MISTAKES!”

When a child learns to walk, he falls down several times but finally learns to walk, the child never bother about how many times he fails but only focuses to stand firm and walk. As we grow up we face difficult situation, many ups and downs, in certain situations, it might be hard to accept the defeat or failure!! But the life never ends there!

Accept the defeat with the attitude of pride and say to yourself “you will never let that happen again“. the attitude of pride refers to – analyzing the mistake and then correcting it with addition ingredient of confidence, commitment, consistency, courage and passion.

Confidence – to believe in oneself, when no one else do.
Commitment – to dedicate and devote with the great enthusiasm, because, I believe “Enthusiasm is the Great Multiplier of Success”
Consistency – to have stability or regularity in your action.
Courage – even after knowing the next minute is your last breath, you still roar like lion for your success!
Passion – the zeal or burning desire that’s within for your goal.

When you look forward and focus on the end result nothing in the world can stop you, when these powerful ingredient are deeply bound within you, the universe will conspire to manifest your success.

Every second of your life will be filled with success when you learn from your mistakes; your life is the best teacher. the time, which is passed, can never be brought back but you can learn not to miss the amazing future, which is ahead of you.

Every single day is the new beginning, being with broad smile, look forward for opportunity to learn, develop attitude of positive thinking, be kind, help people. Sense of joy, satisfaction and happiness fills all way and makes life meaningful and leads to SUCCESS !

~ Mistakes Are Lessons ~
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Suman Pattar
Suman Pattar is an Entrepreneur and writer. she aspire to advance in the direction of her dream to serve mankind with Dedication and Determination to bring Transformation in the Society with love and care because,she believes "Love and Care can Heal anything in the World". always enthusiastic and believes "Enthusiasm is the greatest Multiplier of Success", loves to deal with Life of people to uplift each other to create a Better place to dwell in.
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