My previous article, ‘The Ultimate Yearning Of Every Being On The Planet’, invoked plenty of interesting responses / feedback from the readers. I talked about various reasons as to why people are not able to pursue the yearnings of their soul. Plenty of readers were inquisitive to know how can one get rid of ‘the fear of failure’, how can one go beyond his / her fears and pursue their dreams, how can he / she  go on the live the life which he / she wants to live and NOT the life that he / she is being forced to Live!

First of all one has to believe in himself / herself that, YES! This is Possible! He Can Do That!

Now the question is HOW?

My Dear Friends,

Here are few basic steps we need to follow in order to live the life which we dream / cherish to live. Following which you will see the difference I firmly believe, and do write to me (share your story with others) if it actually benefits you (which I believe it will). Thanks in advance!

Now, Here We Go!

  1. Find Your Dream. You need to know what / where is your ‘true calling’ and what you really want to do in life which you believe will give you immense happiness and satisfaction, not something that can just make you financially sound. If you love what you do, you will definitely earn big bucks one day or the other (if that is what excites you) as money will be a by-product of your passion once it is being pursued on a daily basis. Sachin loves Cricket more than money and similarly, Shah Rukh Khan (fondly called ‘SRK’ aka ‘Badshah’) loves acting more than money. But still they the former is one of the richest cricketer alive and the latter is the 2nd richest actor across the globe. Though, doing what you love alone is not sufficient (I will write what else is necessary to succeed in life apart from doing what you love,in my next article.) But for the beginning, knowing what you love doing, is sufficient.Einstein says,

“If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or objects”

  1. Make a Decision. Sounds silly, but how often than not, when we say that we are going after our dream, post that, all we do is a mere TRY!  Trying has never resulted in anything wonderfully constructive and productive. When the famous business tycoon Lt. Dhirubhai Ambani aspired to become a Businessman or Neil Armstrong wanted to step over the Moon, they were NOT just trying. They made a firm DECISION / RESOLUTION to DO IT, COME WHAT MAY, even when they had no concrete plan or strategy at the back or their minds as to how will they achieve it.

“When You make a Decision, Universe creates doors where there were walls”.

 Once you make a Decision, you have eliminated 90% of your struggle because in next couple of days a large part of your so-called ‘problems’ will automatically vanish as Universe is taking care of them and those problems which are still there, you can rest assure, that they will prove out to be ‘blessings in disguise!’.

  1. Make a Commitment. NOT to some Uncle John, but To Yourself that you are going to stay on the course and not going to give up / surrender, even if you are at a gun-point, until you have achieved your dream!  Someone once said

“It is worth dying attempting to achieve a worthwhile goal, rather than living a ‘small’ life.”

On your course to achieve your Dream, you will have many tempting detours, people will want to purchase your company, play around with your values, buy you out, threaten you, cheat you, break you, hate you, laugh at you, your wife may want to leave you and parents may threaten to disown you…..

  1. Stay away from emotional drama. People who love you truly will never put conditions on you. Try to understand this my friend- our friends, family, lover are all our well-wishers for sure(generally), it’s not they don’t want good for us but unfortunately most of these well-meaning people have never pursued their dreams and have seldom listened to the calling from their soul. Non-judgmentally, I want to say that, for some reason they couldn’t or didn’t do it and they fear that since they couldn’t, you wouldn’t as well. But, WHAT’S THE LOGIC!!!!! I mean,
    You are Unique and Different, Aren’t you?
    And the good news is, when you will gather the courage to follow your dreams, one day they will too, be inspired by you!
  2. Associate yourself with the people/folks who encourage you, rather with those who pull you down. We all know what we become is largely influenced by the company we keep, books we read and food we eat. So, it is very necessary not to allow dream-sealers to steal your dream as well as to be associated with those fewer ones who will assist you and encourage you. Connect to people who motivate others, especially through social media like Facebook, Twitter, etc, you will never find yourself discouraged then.
  3. Focus. Once you are doing all of the above, Fear might still try to creep into you from some corners! So, just stay FOCUSSED. Don’t allow it (fear) to creep in. Be determined that you will allow absolutely nothing to come in between you and your dream/s and start walking faster towards it in order to rise higher!


These are the few important points for consideration in order to Get Started, at the same time they are not the complete road-map. My subsequent articles will deal everything in more details and provide you with road-map and all basic necessities to follow to lead a complete life, so that,  Life can be Reloaded in All Of Us. Thus, last but not the least, Stay Tuned!!

Don’t forget to share this article (in various social medias, if you like it) and you can connect to me on Twitter and Facebook and can share your suggestions, advices, questionnaires, etc with me. You can also shoot your queries and feedbacks in the ‘comment section’ below (this article, just) by logging in! Subscribe to the magazine so that you can receive plenty of more such articles, directly into your mailbox.

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Sandeep Kedia
Sandeep is a successful Multipreneur, a coach & a counsellor. His passion is to help people discover his true potential, live there own spectacular life & become successful entrepreneurs(even multipreneurs)! He is currently involved in designing his dream project - "Life Reloaded", which intends to bring true his vision of - "One World, One Family & Abundance for everyone on the planet!" through various educational, training, business, media & social services, etc. He is also Vice President of a National Human Rights NGO & working in various other incredible projects which will change the entire face of educational systems of country & entrepreneurial ways of the world & make India a developed Nation by 2020 as well whole world as ONE Abundant Family soon.
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