“ Namah Suryaya Shantaya Sarvaroga Nivaarine Ayu Ararogya maisvairyam dehi devah jagatpate। ”

“ Om  Hreem Hraum Sah Suryaya Namah। “

Sunil Das could see that  Upendra Sarkar with his folded hand facing east  was bowing to the sun and was making prayer. The walking stick with him was leaning against a seating bench made of cement,  just next to him. Still the darkness was not completely cut off. The light of dawn was slowly spreading around. Although the light of dawn and even the face of the morning sun could not be seen from this Tapoban housing complex. It is covered by two side-by-side high-rise twenty-storey twin towers, in a semi-finished state – standing on the east side of this Tapoban residence.

Sunil-babu also has a stick in his hand. Has been using it since last two years. He just crossed  seventy-three age two months ago and is now seventy-four years old. Seeing Upendra-babu, it cannot be understood that he is now eighty years old. Although he keeps the walking stick with him as a matter of habit, but he still walks straight with long steps. Very much fair in looking, the skin is not yet wrinkled enough according to his age. Although the hair on his head has turned grey – but he is not bald, still he combs his hair. Even though Sunil-babu is six years younger to him, he has baldness on his head and  he needs a walking stick to walk comfortably.

Sunil-babu could see that a deep serenity can be noticed on his calm peaceful face while he is chanting.

Upendra-babu always used to say, “Sunil-babu, chant meditate with me every morning for the Sun God  – you will be able to feel yourself much younger, you will start feeling a different divine energy inside yourself. My father taught me Suryamantra at a very young age of mine, since then I am chanting Suryamantra  every morning.”

Upendra-babu has explained to Sunil-babu many times – the meaning of this Sun mantra.

“O Lord Surya! You rule over the whole universe and act as a treasure of peace and health. You are the one who cures all diseases and revives the whole world. I meditate to bless  with longevity, wealth and health.”

“I bow to the Great Sun Jagadishvara for His divine grace.”

Upendra-babu also recites the Gayatri mantra on each Sunday. Sometimes he utters 12 sun mantras. The meaning of those also he explained to Sunil-babu several times.

“ Om bhūr bhuvaḥ suvaḥah;

Tat savitur vareṇyaṃ bhargo devasya dhīmahi;

dhiyo yo naḥ pracodayāt.

Om. Santih, santih, santih। ”

(Translation of Gayatri mantra : “Let us worship the supremacy of that heavenly Sun-God, the power of God who illuminates all things, who regenerates all things, from whom all things proceed, to whom all things must return, to whom we turn our perception towards His holy seat We call for proper management of our progress. “)

Upendra-babu also once said that – Rabindranath Tagore translated this Gayatri mantra as follows:

“From whom the earth and the sky are scattered,

From which comes the stream of intellect consciousness in my heart

– I meditate on the infinite power of His venerable devotion. ”

Sunil-babu’s acquaintance with Upendrababu is just not over a couple of years, but a long-standing friendship between the two of them since last fifteen long years, ever since this Tapoban residences were made ready to live. In these long fifteen years, Sunil-babu has gradually learnt almost all the Surya Mantras from Upendra-babu over and over again.

Upendra-babu often laments, “Sanskrit is the language that is associated with all the religion-deeds, worships, marriages and even shraddhas of the Hindus. But today it is slowly on the verge of extinction. Today, the tolls where Sanskrit used to be taught by Brahmins are almost gone. Earlier in our time Sanskrit was a compulsory language in our school, everyone had to study for at least a year this language. Now it is an optional subject, but no one studies this subject, because there is no teacher in most of the schools to teach. Gradually a nation, a religion became rootless since independence. But no one protested. ”

Another of their companions Ravi Mukherjee could be seen walking towards them, wearing a face mask. Although the incidence of corona has decreased a lot now-a-days, everyone still wears masks for their own safety and protection. Rabi-babu is sixty-five years old, he still doesn’t need a walking stick. The three of them meet here every morning. Once Upendra-babu completes his Sun-God chanting, the three of them starts walking around the whole Tapoban residences a few times, then sits down here and chats among themselves for a long time. This is their regular morning routine. And there are no more senior citizens in this residential area till date.

Upendra-babu has completed his chanting by this time. With both of his palms he rubs his face, his face seems to be filled with a deep serenity. His face looks very calm and peaceful.

Rabi-babu came forward and said, “I couldn’t believe it at first after hearing the first news yesterday evening. Around that time I got Upendra-babu’s phone call and realized everything was true – what I was hearing, what I was watching on News. I couldn’t sleep all night after coming back from Upendra-babu’s house. ”

Sunil-babu said, “My condition also was similar and could not close my eyes throughout the night in happiness. I was thinking throughout the night thinking that when I would be able to meet Upendra-da in the morning and  would be able to tell him – now there is an end to our long wait and after three months Upendra-da you will be able to chant Suryamantra  in the dawn again by taking a sunbath with the soft yellow rays of Sun God like you used to do twelve years ago. We too also will be able to enjoy the open air again and walk in the morning in the soft yellow light of the sun. ”

Upendra-babu slowly uttered in a humid voice, ” I miss Manas very much today. I still can’t believe he is no more with us. He was the youngest in our group. He was only fifty-nine years old. Corona snatched him. He took the most initiative in this long legal battle. Towards the end he often used to tell me, Upendra-da – you and Sunil-babu are getting old, you don’t have to run here and there now. Myself and Rabi-babu are there, we will take care and visit Delhi for the hearings. ”

The three of them could see Prashant Dutt, the President of the Tapoban residence association is approaching them, along with several others.

Prashant Dutt came forward and said, ” Upendra-babu, many congratulations and thanks to all three of you on behalf of our Tapoban Housing Association. Many of us at first did not want to join your fight against a strong builder, against the administration. Manas-babu also joined your team, but today he is no more with us. We don’t think we could do anything in helping you in this legal battle except  by  donating some money. ”

Those who came with Prashant Dutt also started congratulating them one by one.

Prashant Babu was continuing, ” You must have heard in the news – the Supreme Court has ordered for the demolition of this half-finished twin tower in the next three months. They have also ordered the builder to pay one crore rupees in compensation to our housing association. A special team will be formed – who will investigate how this illegal building construction plan was approved. Well, Upendra-babu, as far as I know, you have spent a lot of money on your own in this long-running legal battle. I think, you must have been maintaining an account. Now as we will get one crore rupees as compensation from the builder, you can get back all your expenses so far have been made by four of you. ”

This time Upendra-babu smiled a little. Someone would say, smile is towards gratitude. One would think, to find a straw in a floating current. His smile looks vague, sad and soft at the same time. Upendra-babu was wondering – till this day, they have never even looked into how such a huge amount  had been arranged to fight this legal battle  which ran over so many years. At first they used to go from house to house and took some help as a donation. But they could understand slowly – it’s becoming like taking donation for a Puja. No one wanted to donate from their heart, it was becoming like an obligation to them. Though Upendra-babu can’t deny today, some people supported them morally. Maybe they couldn’t keep up with them always because might be they didn’t have time – but they used to provide them  a lot of courage. They used to take some financial help from some of these like minded people. The rest of the money had been arranged by the four of them from their savings made so far. Shouldn’t Prashant Babu  had taken a little more initiative as the president of this housing association, to bring everyone together for this battle. Later it was as if this battle became Upendrababu-Sunilbabu-Rabi-Manas’s own – not for this housing association. However, they are eternally grateful to their lawyers Jayant Babu and Charan Babu. They  could never have continued this fight without their help. They have  not taken their fees in full. When the legal battle was moved to Supreme Court seven years back, since then they have taken only the actual expenses and have not anything against their fees. It seemed like it became a personal challenge to them also.

Slowly Upendra-babu said, ” Prashant-babu, money is not a big deal. Yes, all four of us have spent a lot. But, it’s not a big deal – today it’s the most important thing is that finally we have won this long battle – it fills our minds with a different kind of joy. Earlier I used to keep accounts. Now  I am becoming old, so Ravi-babu has taken on this responsibility since last few years. Let’s get the money first, then the accounts can be settled. ”

” Okay, we’ll talk about this in detail sometime later.  We have all decided to have a small ceremony in honor of the four of you at the residence this Sunday evening. Sadly, Manasbabu is not with us today. His wife and daughter are here. We will pay honor to his wife. ”

Upendra-babu then said firmly, ” This is a very good proposal, Prashant-babu. But I have something to say. First of all – Jayantbabu and Charanbabu  must be invited by you and if you can, you will inform them in a day or two in advance. Because they are very busy and moreover they need to come here from Kolkata. Their help and emotional motivation cannot be expressed in words. We also need to pay their balance dues. I think after paying their balance dues and meeting the additional money we four have spent, there should be a surplus amount of around Rs. Twenty lakhs. And I propose that you Prashant-babu should declare on Sunday while paying honor to Manas’s wife that this surplus amount whatever will be remaining should be donated to Manas’s family. Their daughter Tithi is still studying in 3rd year engineering and they are all passing through a difficult time in absence of Manas. Is it alright – Sunil-babu, Rabi-babu ? ”

” It’s a great and right proposal, Upendra-babu.” Sunil-babu, Rabi-babu – both said together.

Prashant-babu said with a little hesitant, ” Upendra-babu, do we really need to make this announcement that day ? First we get the money. Then one day we all will sit down and settle all accounts and then a decision can be taken through discussion. Everyone who lives here can have a statement about the rest of the money. Because it’s being paid in the name of the Tapoban housing association, against compensation. ”

This time Upendra-babu said in a serious tone, ” No Prashant-babu, if you do not accept my proposal – then it will not be possible for us to come to this event.”

Many of those who came with Prashant-babu  kept saying, ” Prashant-babu, what he is saying is absolutely right. We have seen how many times Manas-babu had to run to Delhi-Kolkata being absent from his service, leaving his wife and daughter alone. This proposal made by Upendra-babu is absolutely acceptable to us and we don’t think any resident of this housing complex will object to this. ”

Prashant-babu  under pressure then  had to say, ” Okay then, we will do the function on Sunday – following Upendra-babu’s proposal. Everything will be decided in a day or two and will be informed from the housing association officially. Let’s go then. Bye  Upendrababu – Sunilbabu – Rabibabu. ”


The sky had been heavy with black darkness since early morning, enveloped with dark clouds, with occasional drizzling. Upendra-babu was feeling a little aloof in such weather. The word asceticism probably was not right, might be it was indifference. Not exactly indifference, in fact, his mind was a little shaken. Life outside of calculated routines and traditional work generally makes the mind a little restless, a little indifferent.

The mind had been a little restless for some time. It was not possible to go for a walk outside on this rainy day. He decided to stand on the outside balcony and to perform his daily recitation of Suryamantra.

After finishing the Suryamantra chanting, he rubbed both his palms over his face and then opened his eyes and saw that Sunil-babu was sitting in the chair in silence with two more persons. One is Ravi Mukherjee, Upendra-babu knows him. The other person is also a known face. He met him earlier once or twice – Manas Sen, much younger to them.

Sunil-babu retired from the telecom department  two years ago and was the deputy director in the general department. From then on, they met each other every morning in the park and then takes a morning walk together, talking and gossiping. Upendra-babu had retired eight years ago. He was working in Calcutta Police, and was in DIG post.

However, they have been in this Tapoban housing residence since last three or four years. It is a medium industrial town, a few hundred  kilometers away from Kolkata. Many of these dwellers work in the steel mill here. Some people work in the thriving medium-sized companies which grew up to meet the various requirement of this steel plant. The steel plant has its own township. But of course, all those who bought houses here gradually started shifting and staying here. Although this housing complex is a little bit out of the hustle and bustle of the city, but as the city is not very big – everything is available within a few kilometres radius.

Tapoban is a self-contained housing complex. Fifty duplex two-bedroom flats are there, with kitchen, sitting and dining room, a court-yard at  front and back also. Nice tidy environment. To the east is a vacant plot  with a lot of space. A small field is there on the west side for children to play. Walking paths around the dwelling, occasional cement paved seating areas are there. Eucalyptus has been planted along with several other flowering plants from the housing committee during these three years. Moreover, everyone has planted some flowering and / or vegetable trees on their court-yard. This residence is a little far from the city, there is no such big buildings around. So quite open – quite a breeze blows here with abundant sun rays all over the area throughout the whole day. The whole dwelling is always illuminated with sunlight –  a heavenly atmosphere.

This town is quite far from Kolkata. There was not much demand for land or houses here earlier. Since the town was surrounded by people from the steel mills and other allied industries, so after retiring generally most of the people used to go back to their own land or to Kolkata or any other big city. Tapoban Housing is the first project made by Dreamtech Builder. Dreamtech is a big builder of Kolkata. They made this housing project as a trial and so  sold the flats at a very small profit.

As the price of flats in Kolkata has gone beyond the reach of many, so after the success of this Tapoban housing project an  interest started growing among steel mill employees to stay back in the city after retirement. Seeing the demand and with the success of the first project, Dreamtech Builder has made another project. It is also rumored that a couple of other builders are also trying to build  new housing complexes just outside the city. Demand for the flats has suddenly been increased significantly as a result of availability of the same at a much cheaper and affordable rate compare to Kolkata.

According to the plan of Tapoban housing, the vacant land on the east side falls in the area of ​​this housing complex. Residents all used to know since beginning that this land will be vacant forever. The open air, the abundance of sunlight will never be lacking.

Suddenly a movement of some people could be seen in that empty land a few days ago alongwith survey, soil testing and other equipments. It is learnt that they are the people of Dreamtech Builder. Upendra-babu was a little bit puzzled observing this suddent movement of Dreamtech builders’ peoples. Manoj-babu was the president of this housing complex at that time. Upendra-babu and Sunil-babu met him and requested him to make some enquiry, but he did not pay much attention. He said that maybe they are doing final measurement to pay the bills of their sub-contractors. Upendra-babu kept on grumbling, “Sunil-babu, my mind says something is wrong. After almost three / four years of completion of this project, can you believe they are yet to pay to their sub-contractors. I can smell some foul play. How far is the Dreamtech office, not far away from here. Manoj-babu easily could visit Dreamtech office and should have enquired about this. We two can go to their office and find out. But if there is something wrong going on, they will not listen to us. It would have been better to visit their office alongwith the President of this housing complex. What to do;  Let’s wait for a few days. ”

A few months later – Dreamtech’s bulldozers, excavators, TMRs (truck-mounted rigs) and crowds of people wearing helmets were spotted – all over the empty field to the east. Overnight the empty field was surrounded by asbestos sheets, separating this housing complex. Piling work had been started  with the help of TMR, and also the east side boundary wall was demolished. Upendra-babu said to Sunil-babu, piling means that the company must have a multi-storey plan here. Now it’s a matter of concern.

Upendra-babu, Sunil-babu alongwith Manoj-babu visited Dreamtech’s office on the same day. Fortunately, Dreamtech’s Chairman Pratik Agarwal was also present that day. He said that two towers with twenty floors will be constructed on that land. There will be about three hundred flats with provisions of shops, etc and booking has already been started.

Manoj-babu then said, “But that land is in our residential area.”

Pratik Agarwal said, “Yes, that’s right. But the land belongs to Dreamtech Company.”

This time Upendrababu could no more control himself and said, “But we are given a plan of housing area along with the plan of our flat, and it shows that vacant land is in the housing area. Our residential area will be completely blocked by these two twenty – storey towers if you construct it and we the residents will be completely devoid of any sunlight and air . It’s as if these two towers will be breathing down on our necks.”

Pratik-babu seemed to be getting a little annoyed this time and said, ” Look, the vacant land belongs to Dreamtech Company. The land cannot become today a part of Tapoban  housing complex, even if  nothing was shown in the previous construction  plan. We started work only after getting the plan approved by the local authority as per the law. ”

Upendra-babu then said, ” I am sure you company must have taken all the necessary approvals as per the law. But your company should have informed  us a little earlier about this plan. Didn’t it occur to your company that if such a high-rise tower is built on that land, how much trouble we would be facing staying  a few meters away in those duplex flats built by your company only. ”

” Look, we are following everything according to the law. The company has sold your flats at a much cheaper price than the market rate. The company has not made any profit in that project, but rather  made a loss, ” said Pratik-babu.

Upendra-babu was the DIG of the police once upon a time. Maybe he couldn’t control himself  again. ” Look, Pratik-babu, your company sold these flats at a lower price for a purpose – which both of us are aware of. Don’t mix up this issue of constructing a high-rise tower adjacent to another housing complex, with that, ” he said in a slightly serious tone.

In a slightly reckless manner, as if with a little threat, Pratik-babu said, ” The company will do whatever it is needed to complete the construction of this two towers. Don’t dare to create any trouble. ”

Upendra-babu said in a cold voice, ” You are misunderstanding us. There was no need to make this threat. We did not come to cause any trouble. However, your company is not doing the right thing on humanitarian grounds. We need to speak with the other residents of the housing complex. ”

Everyone came out of the Dreamtech’s office. Everyone agreed that Manoj-babu would call for a meeting next Sunday.

The meeting was called. But no much enthusiasm could be seen from anyone. Almost everyone had the same tune. Nothing can be done with such a big builder. Almost everyone keeps saying that the vacant land belongs to the builder. Although the land is shown in the housing plan, it is written in short – that vacant land is under Dreamtech Company. Upendra-babu advises – a good lawyer can be consulted. Even if the land belongs to the company, they can’t build such a high tower – obstructing the air and light to this housing complex. But no one did show any interest or enthusiasm. No one wanted to get into trouble with the law.

Sunil-babu came to Upendra-babu’s house the next day in the rain with an umbrella on his head. He brought Rabi and Manas with him.

Sunil-babu said, “You must be knowing Rabi-babu and Manas. Both of them are much younger than us. Even though we did not get any positive response in the meeting yesterday, but Rabi-babu and Manas met me last night. They also agree with your proposal. We should seek the advice of a good lawyer. Rabi-babu is a college professor here. And Manas works for Sunny Builders and Developers Company. Sunny Builders has also started a housing project here like Dreamtech Company. Manas used to be working in Kolkata with this company, but as he has taken a flat here so he  requested the company for his transfer in this town. “

The tea has come from inside. Sandhya-boudi (Upendrababu’s wife) also came and joined the discussion.

Sandhya Boudi sipped her tea and said, ” He broke down completely last night after coming back from the meeting. Since morning he was not behaving normal and was restless. Now I can see a smile on his face. Tell them what you talked to your lawyer yesterday night. ”

” A lawyer I know lives in Kolkata, his name is Charan Dey. I spoke to him on the phone last night. I told him everything in detail. He asked me to arrange some more papers – like the plan for the new tower, the approval paper, how this land was transferred initially to the builder – and few more such documents, I have made a note. Then I have to meet him with all these papers. He will then come here one day to investigate the site. In between he will also consult  his senior Jayant Haldar. But he said one thing, Dreamtech is a big builder. So after checking all the documents, then only he will go ahead and  decide to file a case. Now after seeing all of you I’m getting a lot of confidence now. I was a little bit upset last night. ”

Manas Sen said in a very enthusiastic voice, ” Don’t worry, Upendra-babu. We are all with you. You will slowly see afterwards that many more residents will join us. The middle class family does not want to get into any trouble initially. And you don’t have to worry too much about arranging all the necessary documents. You give me the list, what documents are needed. It will be not an easy task to arrange all the papers immediately, but I will try to get some of these papers through my company’s source. As Dreamtech is our rival company, so let me try through my company’s connection.  “

Upendra-babu said in a humming voice, ” Manas, you have said a very nice thing. I am getting a lot of strength now. But one thing we have to keep in mind. From my experience in police life, this case will not be solved easily. It’s not easy to drop such a big investment plan by Dreamtech. It can cost us a lot of money. I don’t know how many people will help us. ”

This time Sunil-babu said, ” Don’t worry so much at first. First we collect all the papers and documents. We take the advice of the lawyer. Again we will go door to door and will talk to all the residents.”


It took almost three years to gather all the papers and documents – to file a case in the High Court. Manas managed to get the maximum of all the necessary papers, by running here and there. He also took some risks while arranging few papers through his company source. Sunil-babu, Rabi-babu repeatedly went to the houses of all the residents and discussed, explained. Some gentlemen have joined them. Many have come forward and financed according to their ability, provided morale. But what Upendra-babu, Sunil-babu had hoped – the president of this housing association would come forward and support them, which did not happen. As if this became the fight of these four people against a builder and the local housing administrator, planning authority.

However, Upendra-babu and his team  went ahead with all the initiatives. Upendra-babu went to Kolkata many times and talked to the lawyers, took Sunil-babu with him. Lawyers  came to this town many times, visited the site and observed everything and filed the case.

These two lawyers have helped a lot. They have always given morale and confidence to Upendra-babu. Mr. Jayant Haldar  repeatedly used to tell, Upendra-babu – the biggest positive point is in our favor. The distance between these two plans of Tapoban and the Twin Towers is just eight meters. No housing planning committee can approve this. This is against the safety rule of any housing project. There must have been an ‘under the table’ incident or deal between the Dreamtech Company and the Housing Planning Committee.

Jayant Babu said, ” I will focus and emphasize more on this point during the trial .”

Upendra-babu sometimes felt that Jayanta-babu had taken this case as a personal challenge.

The case lasted for about three years in the High Court with about fourteen hearing. Upendra-babu and Sunil-babu attended most of the hearings in Kolkata. Rabi-babu and Manas had colleges and offices. So he prevented them from going to Kolkata as much as he could.

The High Court ruled in favor of Upendra-babu and his team. He ordered Dreamtech to shut down the project and demolish the two towers. As Jayant Babu said, the distance of only eight meters between the two projects is the main reason against Dreamtech. High Court also cited inadequate lighting and lack of air to the people of Tapoban housing complex as another reason. The High Court accused that Dreamtech is constructing it in collaboration with the housing and planning authorities. It is illegal construction.

By then the two towers had risen to about fifteen floors.

Upendra-babu was very happy to hear the order of the High Court. But Jayant Babu said, there is nothing to be happy about now. Dreamtech will not leave so easily. They will go to the Supreme Court.

Jayant-babu guessed it correctly. Dreamtech approached the Supreme Court. The hearing lasted for about seven years. More than thirty hearings dates were announced over the span of seven years. So far, some of the residents who were with Upendra-babu and his team, lost hope and many of them were demoralized. Financial aid also decreased. But the only exception was Upendrababu and his team  and the two lawyers. The lawyers said, ” You don’t have to pay any more fees to us, just arrange the fund which  is necessary to run the case.” From this time onwards, almost all the expenses were managed by the Upendra-babu and his team from their accumulated capital. At first, Upendra-babu and Suni-lbabu used to go to Delhi for hearings.

But a few days later, Rabi-babu said, ” You two are getting old, there are almost no reservations on the train due to lack of time. From now onwards, I will go with Manas for attending the hearing in Delhi. Now I am also getting retired soon. ”

The two of them used to go to Delhi from then on. Manas took lot of leaves from his office due to this.

Dreamtech was reluctant but forced to stop the rest of the construction work. Many of those who booked flats demanded a refund. Another project of Dreamtech started by that time. Many were offered new flats there, some of them got back their advance refunded.

Then suddenly Corona epidemic started. The day of the hearing got shifted so many times due to lockdown. At the end of last year, a new hearing date was given. It was understood that the final verdict would come from the Supreme Court in a few days.

But in the meanwhile an untoward incident happened. Manas was infected with  Corona virus, during the second wave. Manas did not give time to anyone even for two days. He breathed his last breath just after two days after being admitted in the hospital. He had heart problems, sugar also was too high. Upendra-babu and others were not aware of this. Later they came to know about this from his daughter, Tithi. Upendra-babu could not leave his house for several days after this tragic incident, he was weeping within himself. Sunil-babu, Rabi-babu used to come at his house and console him.

When the situation was getting a little bit normal, next hearing date was fixed in early July’ 2021.

Rabi-babu said, “You don’t have to go at this age now. It will be risky for both of you  to go. I will go alone this time.”

When he came back, Rabibabu expressed a light of hope in their favor.

Jayant-babu said at the end of August, the date of the final hearing has been fixed for August 31. But he says no one need to Delhi now. He will attend with Charan Dey.

In the evening, the long wait came to an end when Upendra-babu got a call from Delhi.

Upendra-babu immediately called Sunil-babu, Rabi-babu. He  also called Tithi and informed her about the good news.

Sunil-babu, Rabi-babu came running to  Upendra-babu’s house. They  brought Tithi and her mother also alongwith them. They could hear the news aloud being played in the drawing room. They hugged each other, tears welled up in everyone’s eyes. Today is the end of almost a decade long battle.

It was being announced in the news channel, ‘ It was the relentless pursuit of justice over a decade by a group of senior citizens that resulted in the Supreme Court’s order for demolition of the illegal 20-storey twin towers of a real estate group in an industrial town near Kolkata. ‘

Dreamtech is building this multi-storey building in collaboration with housing and planning authorities. The High Court’s observation on this illegal construction is correct. Therefore, the Supreme Court upheld the High Court’s decision to demolish the multi-storey building.

Besides, the apex court has directed the Dreamtech builder to pay Tapoban Housing Association – one crore rupees as compensation.

All those who have booked this multi-storey flat and have not yet received a refund or relocated elsewhere through mutual negotiation, the builder will have to repay the money immediately with 12% interest.

The apex court further directed that the demolition work should start within the next three months under the supervision of the housing committee, taking all precautions. All costs will be borne by Dreamtech Company. The Supreme Court has directed that a special team to be formed to investigate the matter. Who is involved to allow such an illegal construction work.



Upendra-babu has been thinking of one thing all night, if Manas would have been among them today – he would have been then  the most happiest man among the four of them.

‘ Bidhatai writes down who will meet with whom. No one knows  life will meet with whom and when. Still, there is a desire always, a friend indeed a friend is needed. ‘

Upendrababu does not know why he keeps thinking about some of Rabindranath’s quotes about friendship today :

” We from a friend

Want pity,

Want sympathy,

Need help

That’s why we want a friend. ”

“Roses are such a special

Variety of flowers,

Friend is such a special

Caste people. ”


Note: You must be familiar with this picture below. You may have seen it in HT, TOI or any other newspaper a few days ago. It is a half-finished 40-storey twin tower built by Supertech in Noida. On August 31, the Supreme Court ordered the demolition of this illegal construction. Four people from nearby housing complex – UBS Teotia (80, retired as DIG in CRPF), S K Sharma (74, retired as Deputy Director – General in Telecom deptt), Ravi Bajaj (65) and M K Jain (59) protested against this illegal construction. Over the last ten years, these four have had a relentless struggle. M K Jain, the youngest of them all, is no more today, Corona has taken him away. This is an attempt to write the story ‘A legal battle over a decade’ based on this incident.

Upendra-babu has been thinking of one thing all night, if Manas would have been among them today – he would have been then  the most happiest man among the four of them.

‘ Bidhatai writes down who will meet with whom. No one knows  life will meet with whom and when. Still, there is a desire always, a friend indeed a friend is needed. ‘

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