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Greetings to all Hatpakha readers, authors and all other people without whom Hatpakha wouldn’t be possible. First, we would like to apologise for not able to publish any article for a long period of time, for some technical reasons. At the same time we would like to thanks to all of you for bearing with us, especially those who keep posting even on that period of time. We love you all!!

Hatpakha — made for you, by you, about you.

Though we run the site, it doesn’t belong to just us anymore. It has reached to a much greater realm; truly much beyond our expectation .Hatpakha is all about all you, and all the people connected with Hatpakha with one way or another. Your stories, articles, experiences are all, that has given birth to this initiative. It features tips and authentic stories from readers of all ages, all over the globe.

Hatpakha — it is not an online magazine, it’s an online space.

We started Hatpakha to make an online social platform for all the people where anyone can share their thoughts, their skills, and their talents … and anything you want to share with us. There is no proofing, no cancelation.
We believe everyone has a hidden writer inside. We meet so many people, who can write, try to write or just have something share with the world. But because of want of a suitable platform, their creations and talents get disregarded and un-noticed. We understand it is difficult to find a place among eminent writers in hot-shot forums. This is the reasons which made us to think to form a space where anyone and everyone can share their writings. Our soul intention is to give opportunity to the readers, the taste of all kind of writings and thereby encouraging budding writers.

You choose what you want to publish

This is how Hatpakha started, and by God’s grace we have able to spread our readership to all over the world. Hatpakha is already making a difference. Over the last 2 years Hatpakha has uncovered many new writers. Till now we haven’t published writings of any eminent writers, but still we did well. All this won’t be possible without your love and wishes. Thank you so much for bestowing us with your love and support. This is what we ever wanted.
With the time Hatpakha has become bigger, better and matured. We from Hatpakha always want to give more and more facilities to its writers and readers. Till date we were collecting your writings in the form of electronic or non-electronic mail transfer .With this process, writers have to wait for reply whether their article got selected for publishing. And sometimes you may not even get an acknowledgement from us about the receipt of the mail (apologising again!!). So we will start an online posting feature from now on. Now you can directly post your writings into our site, just like Facebook post. Also you can track your status of your post.
We are going to add some new facilities to it. Till date after your post we verify and then publish. But from now on we are giving you the publish option. Whenever you will post, it will be directly published to the site within 2-3 minutes. No pre-verification. So from now on everything is yours. You choose what you want to publish.

Happy reading, happy writing…

[Note: Only later we will do some cosmetic changes to the post if needed like add some images, technical changes. If you didn’t get the category in the list, please let us know . We will add it as soon as possible. ]

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