You are so beautiful.. You may be ugly either..You are the richest person on earth or the poorest one..
You may be the happiest person  on earth or the Saddest of the universe..whoever you may be or whatever your race is….you are gonna die…yes you are definitely gonna die,even if you are not a human the story is the same.. it may come today or tomorrow or the long after,but you cant escape from were been issued with a death certificate ,which is to be dated.

This is just not a truth,It is also the mystery that we are living for the time being..we come ,we play a role and pass by..It hurts,but cant be avoided.

whoever we may be,we cant skip the pain of death..who are gonna get hurt when your life is going to be unearthed? may be a lot of people,who loves you,who lives you,who circles you.. but the real question is who is worst sufferer …?

believe it or not it may be pathetic to loose the nearest ones… but loosing self is the hardest one and the emptiness of self extinction remains forever and after..

You die,your dreams die,those dreams no one never listened, your senses dies,which no one could sense ever..your feeling dies..which no one could feel either..most importantly your curiosity to knowing the unknown dies before you acquire the knowledge..

The dead one can never leave the future…They dont know whatever is going on here in this planet or on that supernovae..

life has an end but the death dont have………………

and saddest part remains with a question  : Why  I came to life ?

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Sabyasachi Ray
writes poem,short story from coochbehar,west bengal
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