Yet again the Rain comes
Resurrecting the shadows form the past…
Of distant joys , haunted pleasures, and washed away lust,
Shadows of spring,
Shadows of summer,
Shadows of distant time which was warmer…

Trickling down through the window pane
Drop by drop it flows down……..
As if through my vein… the drops flow
It flows through my memories
it flows through my senses
Grayish thoughts flickers taking a whirl of my brain
In my senses the emotions trickle down my memory lane…
Yet again the color of your eyes’ll get washed
Still the thoughts flow through my past,

A distant cry , a bitter pain
A melancholy strain…. All getting washed away in this emotional drain…

I silently stare as they get washed away
I try to catch them as they sway..
Lingering in the past… my messy present….
A washed away  memory with a Wet muddy Scent…

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hi, this's arghya a simple guy with new thoughts and a passion to write all other things 'bout me must be known by coming close, i believe in connecting and not on socializing.....
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