Branoo – The Next Flipkart of Bangladesh

Don’t be surprised, I am not saying Branoo is as big as FlipKart but my research is saying that they have all possibilities to be the Flipkart of Bangladesh. Definitely they need to run a long race.The concept of e-commerce is moving at a adequately rapid tread in the psyche of the consumer all over the world. As Amazon is an US owned entity that rules the ecommerce industry. Flipkart became the King of e-retailing for Indian audience. After studying the ecommerce market and different companies marketing themselves in the industry Branoo has been another most interesting and promising e-commerce site of Bangladesh. In the fast paced cities, lack of time is a biggest factor for choosing online shopping. On the other hand, convenience to a variety of products makes audiences from smaller towns and cities opt for the online market.Flipkart has in short span overcome a lot of industry competitors and shone its way above all at the other end we see with the promising and quality service that Branoo as a brand offers leaves no stone unturned. Positive word-of-mouth gives Flipkart an edge on the customer side of the business. Branoo similarly has a lot of benefits and in many ways is better comparative to the other big names of E-commerce sites; I strongly feel that Branoo has looked into minute details of giving its customers that through contented and joyous experience of shopping. From a Consumer point of view, what we look at when we are shopping are things like price, services, refund policies last but not the least the trust factor. For the residence of Bangladesh Branoo can be their next flipkart. Branoo shares a lot of common features with Flipkart thats shows that its on the path of achieving new heights of success in the Ecommerce industry of Bangladesh.

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Branoo’s Succeeding steps

Branoo offer the customers of Bangladesh an enthralling shopping experience. It gets the Technical support from Royex Technologies, that has helped it the most in smooth running and hassle free operation of the marketplace. Branoo’s customer friendly development is an advantage that has brought a lot of appreciation like no time consuming registration process and endless forms and details. Simple, informative and good to the eyes vision of various product varieties is what helped them get to the target audience. Branoo has achieved the customer loyalty and trust by first adopted the very wise Cash on Delivery mode of payment, which was introduced by Flipkart for the very first time and has now become very popular in online retail business. Branoo has also now introduced easy and trusted online payment methods to its customers.

It started off with unique products category selections, providing the original products which were very rare or tough to find then went on to provide with a huge variety of products to choose from. Flipkart changed the face of ecommerce in India by introducing some very different and customer centric services it first started out small with specific product like books a product category with high margins, low maintenance and items that are easy to transport and soon expanded and began offering a wide variety of goods. The duo hit the nail on the head by solving the biggest hurdle of an online shopping store.

They worked on the Convenience part of the entire shopping experience. how a product shall be delivered in time to an Indian customer, and this became the their brand’s USP. The deal was thus, a customer was to be delivered after ordering a product in a defined time. Branoo similarly has taken points of convenience into consideration prices of product, Branoo offers the most reasonable and best market price with assurance of high quality products, just like Flipkart that provide the best deals off date comparative to any other existing e-retailers and marketplace.

Flipkart’s first biggest challenges as e-commerce player was that of its Supply chain efficiency that was the game changer for them. Flipkart managed to solve the biggest problem anyone ordering online in India had reliable delivery of goods. By tying up with national courier companies in the initial days, they were able to ensure their first stage of their marketing via word of mouth, with customers telling their friends how quickly their orders were fulfilled. However, to improve their service Flipkart did what no other player in India had attempted earlier they set up their own delivery service. Branoo has on similar lines changed the complete E-commerce and E-retailing experience in Bangladesh by enhancing an exceptional supply chain system by having their products import to maintain the high and original quality and having its own products along with its exclusive suppliers that provide products only for Branoo. Also gives the customers timely delivery of goods which is one of the factor that determines the success of the company.

Focus on customer service and back-end is a vital prerequisite for an online business to survive, since once the customer completes their transaction, it’s this back-end that connects the dots. Flipkart began operations on the consignment model — goods were procured from suppliers on demand, based on the orders received through the website. Consistent customer service is the what keeps Branoo going as a brand. The trust-building exercise is accorded a lot of importance. Like all growing business Branoo understands the importance of connecting to it audience and has taken steps to connects with customers in real-time,
through Facebook and Twitter, its the best policy for this ecommerce entrepreneur. It bets to offer the world class customer service along with giving a lots of educational activity on their website and social media platforms for customer to find the original product or how to detect original product. Innovation is just one aspect for this business to grow and for it to soon reach that level of accomplishment, it will be in no time we can see Branoo as the upcoming flipkart of Bangladesh.


Free shipping: When Flipkart started as an online book seller, one of their biggest draw was the discounts they offered on each book. Free shipping offered for every order, was an added advantage. They have since moved on from being a cheaper destination for buying books, in fact even shipping is not free anymore below a certain bill amount now, but in the initial days, these were definitely one of their best customer acquisition strategies. Branoo has a simple and clear offering of free shipping above 2000 tala. The average sale of Branoo is 3500 per invoice, so almost all its customer are getting free shipping.

The Owners backgrounds ; Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal, both alumni of the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, computer science graduates from the 2005 batch were also employees at where they had an idea to start their own e-commerce company in India. Just like Branoo CEO Mr. Rajib Roy is an entrepreneur with a background encompassing a decade of experience in software development and leading teams in the successful design and production of bespoke solutions with a focus on innovation, reliability and ease of use. In a country where people have various tastes and preferences, an ecommerce startup surely has enormous challenges.

Based on above points, I strongly believe that Branoo has come a far way and is going to soon become the talk of the ecommerce industry with innovation improvisation and exceptional offerings and peculiar service. In a country where resistance and hesitation to change is common, Flipkart has broken the norms and come above it all, we surely can expect breaking of stereotyped thinking and the rise in increased acceptance to modernization and more user friendly and socially savvy online audience for the Ecommerce industry in Bangladesh.

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Sejal Bamboli
Ecommerce Consultant Pune, India
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