Author: Ankit Mackar

[Bio: Member of Hatpakha Magazine.]


             ‘Age is just a number’, we’ve all come across this adage at some part of our lives, whether in childhood or in teenage or some years further, but one thing is for sure whenever we (our team) came across this one, at that point of time we only learnt how to use it in a sentence but only after our magazine kick-started, we were able to grasp the meaning out of it. So, there we are, on the verge of completing a year since officially launching Hatpakha. When we thought of initiating this journey we didn’t had an idea where will we be landing up but as they say… its always better to just go with the tide / flow and life will surely take you somewhere and it did happened.

Since its inception, our central theme or core thought process behind launching such a magazine has been to give a platform to all the budding writers, poets,content writers,etc who have the creative dent and literary acumen but for some reasons haven’t got the platform to do so. Our tagline justifies it-‘for the society , by its people’. Apart from this , there is one more aspect to it, in this techno-savvy world of social networking and gadget-mania, to the likes of Watsapp and Facebook and Twitter and an array of Smartphones,etc people hardly get any time to get indulged in writing or reading some literary stuffs as we are too busy on liking and commenting on the latest status updates of our near and dear ones, we wanted to revive that old phasing out reading culture.

But, we must say that so far in the last twelve odd months, the response which we have got from all our readers has been terrific, I mean never in our wildest figment of imagination did we expected that within a span of 365 days our magazine will get 1 Million+ hits and counting. It is a driving factor or an upthrust for us to come out with something much better than earlier, something different and unique which will garner viewer interest and loved and appreciated by them.As the reader spends a handful of minutes in reading through the online stuff, he invests his / her valuable time and energy, so reader satisfaction is sole motto.

We never knew the subjects which we studied in our Engineering curriculum would prove to be so helpful in running this initiative and to know the viewer trend better. There is a lot of time spent on studying reader trends and their likings, etc with the help of which we try to analyze their mindset and then come up with the content which they wish to read and drive pleasure out of it.

Last but not the least, we are really thankful to our readers and highly appreciate their positive gesture towards our magazine. We promise you that we will strive hard to not let you down and come up with some wonderful articles from fresh breed of writers and will also bring in some valuable stuffs or contents for our engineering pals so make their lives a bit more lazier and easier.

Happy reading!!

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