The transportation vehicles are made to help human, they are entitled to serve people against money. But the time is such that big names in the world of transportation has started thinking themselves as highly equipped and powerful, so they behave inhumanly with people, who are actually their business providers. But this time they have received a really massive blow from the one to whom they took lightly. Jeeja Ghosh the path bender has proved it again that one might not judge the other by their appearance. Her success against Spice Jet, for insulting her and treating her like inanimate things, has set an example for all who misbehave with the disabled or differently abled people.

The term ‘differently abled’ is so not right for the people who belong to the ‘disabled community ‘. I feel that every human is differently abled. A pilot can not be a mason; a doctor can not be a grocer. We can see differences even in same profession such as two teachers of same subject have different style of teaching. To be precise, every human is differently abled and they acquire this difference either by education or by experience. People like Jeeja Ghosh are god gifted; she has reached the pinnacle which many could not even dream of. She is highly educated and works for the betterment of many others who have cerebral palsy. She is a pride to the nation, and her insult is very shameful. Being a patient of Cerebral Palsy she never gave up. Her success against Spice Jet is by no doubt a mile stone and a lesson for those who tend to loose hope.

This is not the first time when they were treated differently. In a conference Sayandev Mukherjee remembered all his bad memories which he had to face just because he was in a wheelchair. “The wheelchair is an extended part of my body,” he says. “I can drive it on my own. I don’t want someone else pushing my wheelchair.” The airlines had sent his wheelchair to the luggage conveyor belt despite him telling them to have it available when the plane landed. All his arguments were to no avail. The next flight was getting delayed. He had to go on an airline wheelchair which hurt his back and his self respect. He adds, “I will keep that boarding pass with me forever.”

Another sufferer Madhuri Kapur says, “Helpers, who are invariably male, treat me like luggage. They think it is acceptable to just carry me”.

People with disabilities are not different rather they show the entire humanity a new way to live life, to fulfill the basic needs for one’s living; they are innovative in their own way. According to me we should not create a difference by calling them ‘differently abled’ or ‘disable person’ rather we should call them “innovatively abled”.


~ Strength Lies Within ~

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Maitree Shee
Hatpakha Reporter
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