Hi Friends, Sandeep here once again with you with something absolutely real and food for your souls…  and I am glad to be here, thanks to Hatpakha that they gave an oppurtunity to me to express myself to you and thanks to you for reading, I am sure you will get more out of every single precious micro-second you spend reading what I have to share for you.

Dreams get shattered, under-accomplished, accomplished, over-accomplished. So What, Dream BIGGER!

I am just 25, and To be honest, Life has been really kind to me, ohhhh! does that mean it was all hunky-dorry! Oops! I must say, you are in for surprise!
Well, does that mean that

  • I have never been homeless(I have been once!),
  • My name has never been cut-off school roll(because of non-payment of fees),
  • I have never worked as a child labour(at age 7 I did),
  • I have always been a topper of class(never, I mean only once in my 20 yrs of academic career),
  • I cracked IITJEE(Oh! I missed it for one marks in Chemistry),
  • I have not been bullied by friends(I was the matter of Laugh for all in my schools),
  • I scored only 88% instead of targeted 95% in my 10th,
  • I was supported by my friends & family in what I did(well to be precise, till date, NEVER),
  • I succeeded in my business venture as soon as I started (in 1st 18months, I made 1/10th of what I spent!),
  • I got the car which I wanted (well, they said I am not good enough to take a Ford Fiesta and cancelled it),
  • I achieved my targets always(to be precise, NEVER),
  • The girl whom I loved also loved me(she didn’t)
  • Once my business started growing, it kept going well(it actually crashed to a 30 crore in a year business to hardly 300,000 in a year)
  • The wealth which I created always stayed with me (Well, I became broke again!)on and on and on……

By NOW, you must be wondering, if Hatpakha were nuts to give me an opportunity to right here… I mean why in this world will Hatpakha want someone like me who have failed at everything in life to write here to it’s esteemed friends…

I tell you, no he is NO nuts, neither am I, infact I am proud of myself and so is he, he wanted me to write to you because, I NEVER GAVE UP. Infact,


I am glad I had a journey of failures and every failure did teach me precious lessons and because of which my I am where i am today and I am proud of it and what is coming NOW is something which has never existed in the world,

They say, “Fall down seven times, rise up eight!”

I will proudly and precisely like to share how all of it listed above precisely worked for me and where it has brought me today and taking me in future,

  • I know what it feels like to have nothing, so I have compassion for those who don’t have enough.
  • I envision, am working towards, and to a minute extent, started creating a world where there is always going to be more-than-enough for everyone.
  • I understood that A4 size sheet(our academic results) doesn’t define our future and only a few can succeed here. Hence, discovered for myself and helped others to discover their own passion for themselves so that Everybody can succeed.
  • I got to study in NIT Trichy, one of the top 10 engg. colleges of India.
  • I am privileged to be working with an esteemed company in the most beautiful business model, Network Marketing.
  • I travelled India and have inspired close to 2.5 million people directly and indirectly through my meetings, seminars and conventions.
  • I owned a Chevrolet Cruze LTZ AT which is way more expensive than a Ford Fiesta, which I was refused to buy
  • I made many millions in same venture in which I had miserably failed in 1st 18 months.
  • People say I inspired people from all nook and corners in the country and even abroad.
  • Many entrepreneurs today claim that the reason they are able to do business is because they once met me and got inspired
  • I got loved again with more depth that I have ever loved!
  • I learned value of health, relationship, money and many things more deeply.

I am right now working on creating a social entrepreneurship model which with your blessings change the life of 7 billion people on planet and achieve its purpose of ONE WORLD, ONE FAMILY & ALL SORTS OF SPIRITUAL AND MATERIAL FOR EVERY ONE ON THE PLANET
and on, and , and on…..

My dreams got shattered, my dreams got under-accomplished, my dreams got over-accomplished too. But, one thing is common in all cases, I never stopped dreaming, infact I kept dreaming bigger, became more committed, more determined, I loved more deeply. I never stopped walking, I kept walking..

Infact, I kept walking faster to rise higher.

All said and done, I humbly want to tell you all that I didn’t wanted to write this to brag about myself or to praise myself or anything at all and I have nothing special in me, ME & YOU are entirely same, the same God particle, SOUL which is there in you also exists in ME. All this could happen and keep on happening is because my soul is on fire always, the believe in God which my parents and mentors have instilled in me and Love which my family and friends and people like you keep on blessing me with. If it can happen with me, it can happen with you too. You are made of the SOUL too and as they say,

“There is nothing powerful than a human soul which is on Fire!”

This fire is not their with someone special alone, this fire is there within each and everyone of us…
If you are asking, how do I ignite that fire in me, then again I will say, it is already and always ignited since you are BORN!
Then what do we do….!!!

Let the fire do its job, ALLOW!

Trust your intuition. Trust God. Trust the Power within. Trust yourself.

LOVE.LOVE.LOVE. and every time you are hated, LOVE with little more intensity, carrying all your broken pieces together.

NEVER NEVER NEVER EVER GIVE UP! If after all that which today’s human is doing, if God is still sending a New ONE on Earth every moment, that means, God has NOT given up ON You. If HE did NOT give up on you, then HOW can you Give Up On Him!

Hence I will repeat, once again,

Dreams get  shattered, under-accomplished, accomplished, over-accomplished. So What, Dream again! DREAM BIGGER! DREAM BETTER! BELIEVE DEEPER! WORK HARDER! ACHIEVE BETTER!

Thank you once again for taking out your precious time to read my thoughts, I hope it left you a little better then it found you. If in case it did, kindly share it with your friends and family because Mother Teresa says,

“The greatest disease in the World today is not TB or leprosy; it is being unwanted, unloved, and uncared for. We can cure physical diseases with medicine, but the only cure for loneliness, despair, and hopelessness is love. There are many in the world who are dying for a piece of bread but there are many more dying for a little love. The poverty in the West is a different kind of poverty — it is not only a poverty of loneliness but also of spirituality. There’s a hunger for love, as there is a hunger for God.” 

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Sandeep Kedia
Sandeep is a successful Multipreneur, a coach & a counsellor. His passion is to help people discover his true potential, live there own spectacular life & become successful entrepreneurs(even multipreneurs)! He is currently involved in designing his dream project - "Life Reloaded", which intends to bring true his vision of - "One World, One Family & Abundance for everyone on the planet!" through various educational, training, business, media & social services, etc. He is also Vice President of a National Human Rights NGO & working in various other incredible projects which will change the entire face of educational systems of country & entrepreneurial ways of the world & make India a developed Nation by 2020 as well whole world as ONE Abundant Family soon.
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