• Have regular sleeping and waking up times.
  • Have a light meal before sleeping.
  • Avoid coffee, tea, colas, alcohol before bedtime.
  • Try and sleep in a cool, quiet environment.
  • Make sure your pillow and bed is comfortable.
  • Keep your mobile phone far away from you.
  • Try and keep your mind calm before you go to sleep.
  • A bath before bed-time can be soothing.
  • If you are unable to sleep, read a book or listen to your favourite music.
  • Do not keep looking at the clock.
  • Do not keep bright lights on.
  • Avoid daytime naps.
  • Drink enough fluids during the day, but avoid excessive fluids before bedtime.
  • Exercise regularly during the day, but avoid strenuous exercise just before bedtime.


It takes time to develop good sleeping habits- so keep following these tips!


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~ Simple Tips for Better Sleep ~
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