Talking about the freedom

Around the world

Either we have or don’t have

Reason quite doubtful

Though one can determine

It can no longer exist.

Thinking about the fact

Nowhere has it concerned

The way we need to have

Sometimes people would like to say

We are in democracy

But is it so?

We have the freedom to show off

But not to apply so far in reality

It is because we are not

In democracy.

I know some will ask the reason

To spread the ideal notion

But let’s accept the fact

Your notion implies the incapacity

To express the voice you have

Not even that you have to say

It will come out frequently

Though still it is deceiving

As belonging to a democracy

But actual expression doesn’t need to show off

It comes often, not to build the ideal nation

Because it already has a place in reality.

~ Question to a Democracy ~
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