Change is like a spice, which when meets a phenomenon, it changes its taste and style. Just as with the seasonal changes, the atmosphere changes, the winds change their path, the animals change their habitat and we the humans change our food and clothing. As for now, in the fall of winters, we the humans will change our clothing into something more wormer than usual. How about if we beget this change with style!

Till the end of 20th century factories churned out similar products year after year and markets were flooded with limited designs of clothes, shoes, jewelry and bags. But things started changing with the onset of 21st century and the entire credit goes to the robust use of technology in creating fashion. Being in fashion is an all time trend and it does bother with seasonal changes. In winters human body primarily needs worm clothes. Creating ‘stylish’ worm clothes thus requires more efficiency.

Fashion industry ids the most versatile and rapid changing industry in the world. Here every thing has a very short life span i.e., ‘everything changes except change’. This year one can experiment with draped trousers or be comfort with stylish jackets. One can also go for high-waisted tangerine bottoms with sheer blouses and streamlined silhouettes. The Verve Trend Report says, “Those who want to defy structure can explore bohemian fashion. Massive prints teamed with tousled waves, and loose fringes swayed across the runway.” As because it’s winter wear, one cannot afford to miss the darker shades of layering with gilets, capes and the use of Shearling and fur that dominate the collections every year. Big Boots trendy socks and hand gloves made of wool are key comfort-wear found rightfully in this scene.

The word ‘fashion’ immediately reminds of glitz and glamour but the real fashion lies in ones comfort and the ability to carry the outfit with immense confidence and style. One must be aware of changing fashion trend and current demand in the market along with ones capability of carrying it. Be stylish, feel good!



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~ Change of Season  : when Fashion meets Need ~
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Maitree Shee
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