Orrey Mon – Ritabhari Chakraborty & Ayushmann Khurrana


Based in north Kolkata – Orrey Mon is a Journey of a young couple Karan and Jui trying to fulfil their dream to open a cafe together with love and art – Calcutta Cafe.
When Jui (Ritabhari) decides to follow her dreams to open a cafe with her boyfriend Karan (Ayushmann Khurrana) , her father does not support the idea of running a ‘Chaae ki dukaan’ given her qualification and pedigree of the family. Karan does everything possible under the sun to bring the cafe to life and build their dream together. Jui amidst all her efforts to be happy with the cafe and Karan, misses her parents immensely. Karan goes out of his way to bring her parents and make them realise how proud they should be of her – for following her dream and making it a success.

Orrey Mon Lyrics is a brand new Bengali / Hindi fusion single track by Ayushmann Khurrana featuring Ritabhari Chakraborty along with Kamaleshwar Mukherjee , Bidipta Chakraborty. The soothing music is produced by Upal Sengupta while lyric of Ayushman Khurana’s ‘OREY MON’ song are set-up by Anindya Chatterjee & Swanand Kirkire.


Song Name: Orrey Mon

Singer(s): Ayushmann Khurrana

Director: Shlok Sharma

Lyric Writer(s): Swanand Kirkire, Anindya Chatterjee

Music Composer(s): Upal Sengupta


Orrey Mon Song lyrics

Aankhon Ne Jo

Sapna Dekha,

Chal Dil Use Pura Karein,

Sapne Mein Jo Rang Dekhe,

Aja Hakikat Mein Woh Rang Bhare.

Tinka Tinka Bunte Hai Chal

Khaabon Ka Ghosla.

Orrey Mon Boli Shon,

Kicchukkhon Thak Na Tui,

Orrey Mon Aaj Ekon,

Okarone Ektu Chui (x2).

Ho Sama Jahan Apna Pyar Ka,

Chain Kahan Halka-pulka,

Ho Jahan Al Sath Ye Lamhon Hoga

Apno Ka Chalka Chalka.

Gaati Ho Jahan Zindagi

Baas Itni Si Dhun,

Orrey Mon Boli Shon

Kichhukkhon Thak Na Tui

Orrey Mon Aaj Ekhon

Okarone Ektu Chui (x2).

Ek Zara Bisri Si Yaadon Ka

Karwaan Behka-behka,

Ek Zara Amaisi Baaton Ka,

Swad Ho Mehka-mehka.

Milti Ho Jahan Roshni,

Parchayi Pehan.

Orrey Mon Boli Shon,

Kichukkhon Thak Na Tui,

Orrey Mon Aaj Ekhon,

Okaron Ektu Chui (x5).

~ Orrey Mon – Ritabhari Chakraborty & Ayushmann Khurrana ~

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