Sandy Russell  was driving for a photo shoot. He is a professional photographer and going to a hill to capture the marvellous view of sunrise.  In his 32 years of life he enjoyed many such adventurous trip. He always preferred to be alone in journey to keep himself motivated. The trip started at early morning and he will reach by late at night. So it is a very long and stressful drive.  But the zeal of capturing the spellbound natural beauty within his lenses gives the energy.  His Cannon 700D camera, 18-55 zoom lenses, tripod and all accessories are kept in back seat.

It was about to clock 9 a.m. when he saw the white car at the side of road. He slowed down and while passing saw a young lady with her gloomy face sitting at the back seat and her driver trying to fix some problem.

After scrolling for few meters thinking the face of that lady he suddenly pushed the break. Moving back to that car he went out of car. He asked the driver “May I help?”

The driver replied if it is possible for him to send a mechanic from the nearby repairing shop.

“Oh! Why not? But I think ,it’s a few miles away from this place and it will take one or two hours”.

The lady got off the car and politely said “thank you Mr….. for your helping hand.”

“I’m Russel” he introduced himself.

“My name is Phillie”. She replied.

“Where are you going? May I give you a lift?”

She thanked once again and denied politely. “You just kindly take my driver and drop him at the nearest mechanic shop.”

“I understand but if you don’t mind it’s not safe for you to wait alone here for long time. So I suggest you also to move in my car.”

She thought for a while and went in back to car. She pulled out her luggage. Smilingly said “I need to take this with me.”

“No problem” Russell helped her and guided them to his car.

“So you are a Photographer” Russell started.

Phillie was seating beside him and her driver at the back seat. She turned behind to have a look at the tripod and then said-“Just kind of hobby. If I’m not making any mistake you too…..”

“Yaaa……” With some proud he accepted. “I’m going to cover sunrise next morning at the hill top. Are you with same intension?”

“Of course. But bad luck. The car betrayed me.” With some deep breathe she answered.

“Don’t worry. It will be alright.”

They reached in front of a repairing shop. Russell helped to find a mechanic . Phillie came out of the car with her camera and said “thank you very much” to Russell.

Russell moved into car again but some annoyance made him disturbed. He saw Phillie was upset for what was happening. For few minutes he remained undecided. Then he descended from car and asked her “if you don’t mind, I have a suggestion.”

“What?” surprisingly she replied.

“You will miss the sunrise if you stay here and wait for your car to be repaired and weather forecast is not so good for upcoming days. So I suggest, you are welcome in my car.” He looked aside after making his proposal.

Phillie was feeling very embarrassed. She couldn’t decide. Russell’s proposal was absolutely right but its need very strong faith on this unknown person for moving on. She tried to judge looking at him cautiously.

“ok, its fine but if my car is repaired, I’ll change over”.

“Oh,  why not?” Russell made no arguments.

They got into the car and resumed their journey. Russell was making all the conversations. Phillie was little shaky, hesitated and confined. Firstly she had doubt about her safety. But after few hours she became more comfortable. She started to enjoy the natural beauty and company of Russell.

Russell also was happy and trying to gear up speed to reach the destination at a comfortable time. In his mind was to acquire the best place.  But the road was busy and rough. So he needed more concentration and carefulness to quickly run through. He thought after few hours it will be more comfortable journey.

On the other hand Phillie was trying to fully enjoy the trip and expected Russell to be attentive to her. Somehow her expectation was not getting fulfilled absolutely. After sometime she felt boring. Also unintentionally she made him disturbed by distracting his concentration. So the harmony of chord gets somehow deviated. She fell asleep.

Suddenly the car jumped furiously at a big ditch on the road. Phillie wake up and scream. She shouted on Russell to drive carefully. Russell was feeling bad but he couldn’t hold on nerve due to long driving stress. He also angrily replied “if you don’t like my driving you may get off”.

The harsh words hit her mind very critically and the outcome “yes, I would like to”.

The scenario changed on a moment. Russell found guilty for saying like that but once the words had come out it couldn’t be returned. He tried to apologize but it landed on deaf ear.

Phillie asked the car to be stopped. Car stop. She got out of it.

Russell found it impossible to leave her alone at this lonely place. He requested her to go upto the bus stand and then might decide.

The car reached bus stand and Phillie decided not to continue journey with Russell. So she stayed alone and waited her car to come. But it was almost evening and very few hours left to catch the sunrise. The hill was still very far from this place. She was totally depressed about all happened.

Russell was out of Bus stop and moving forward in car but his mind was malignant with melancholy feelings. The inspiration of photo shoot was gone. He didn’t find any clue why Phillie couldn’t understand him.

On the other hand Phillie was feeling lonely, boring , mis-stimulated   while waited for her car to come. Sometime she thought to take the help of another car bound to hill station. But all her courage and trust was locked in the past experience.  She reminisced about the morning glory of journey.

After passing several hours in vain, finally her car came. She boarded and resumed her journey. But it was very late to reach the hill before sunrise. So she gave up photo shoot and planned for next day. Her journey becomes only time pass and no blister of joy was blasting in mind.

Next morning at the bottom of hill suddenly she found Russell’s car. She astonished why it is here. It should have been at the top. She peeped through window of car and found Russell was sleeping. Going by his car she stops few meters away. She couldn’t resist herself to know the fact. She came to Russell’s car and made him awake.

Russell was looking devastated. He was very much surprised seeing Phillie and at the same time was filling very excited.

“you”! He spoke as if he couldn’t believe his eyes.

“I’m sorry for what happened” Phillie apologised.

“ Don’t be, me too” spontaneously came out from Russell.

“What are you doing here?  You should have been at the hill top now finishing your shooting”

“ I couldn’t, something or rather someone was missing” little bit of shyness engulfed his face.

“Oh really!” Phillie also uttered with giant smile.

After that they started moving again in Russell’s car hopefully for a new bright sunrise in the days ahead.


~ Happy Ending ~

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I'm an Engineer by profession but very much interested in literature. Writing is one of the my best hobby. I also like photography. HATPAKHA is a very good platform for people like us and I want to share my creation among such talented friends.Hope I can give my best.
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